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Nome #
Ex-vivo Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy: The First Application For Real-Time Pathologic Examination of Prostatic Tissue 329
Regenerative potential of human dental pulp stem cells in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: In vitro and in vivo study 246
A novel tool for predicting extracapsular extension during graded partial nerve sparing in radical prostatectomy 204
Adherence to the EAU guidelines on Penile Cancer Treatment: European, multicentre, retrospective study 198
Feasibility of a telementoring approach as a practical training for transurethral enucleation of the benign prostatic hyperplasia using bipolar energy: a pilot study 187
Ex vivo fluorescence confocal microscopy: prostatic and periprostatic tissues atlas and evaluation of the learning curve 185
Effect of puboprostatic ligament reconstruction on continence recovery after robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: our initial experience 181
A novel nomogram for predicting ECE of prostate cancer 181
Three-dimensional virtual reconstruction with DocDo: A novel interactive tool to score renal mass complexity 177
Rare metastatic sites of renal cell carcinoma: urethra and spermatic cord 173
Real-time assessment of surgical margins during radical prostatectomy: a novel approach that uses fluorescence confocal microscopy for the evaluation of peri-prostatic soft tissue 168
Is Extraprostatic Extension of Cancer Predictable? A Review of Predictive Tools and an External Validation based on a Large and a Single Center Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patients 164
Evaluation of long-term side effects after shock-wave lithotripsy for renal calculi using a third generation electromagnetic lithotripter. 159
Efficacy of pollen extract in association with group B vitamins for pain relief in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome: A survey of urologists' knowledge about its clinical application 152
Positive surgical margin during radical prostatectomy: overview of sampling methods for frozen sections and techniques for the secondary resection of the neurovascular bundles 150
The role of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT scan in biochemical recurrence after primary treatment for prostate cancer: a systematic review of literature 142
Does topical hemostatic agent (Floseal®) have a long-term adverse effect on erectile function recovery after nerve-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy? 139
External validation of a novel side-specific, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging-based nomogram for the prediction of extracapsular extension of prostate cancer: preliminary outcomes on a series diagnosed with multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging-targeted plus systematic saturation biopsy 139
“Real-time” Assessment of Surgical Margins During Radical Prostatectomy: State-of-the-Art 131
Reliability of the different versions of Partin tables in predicting extraprostatic extension of prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis 123
Drug-Induced Urolithiasis in Pediatric Patients 120
COVID-19 and dermatology: a comprehensive guide for dermatologists 111
Non-conservative management of simple Renal cysts IN adults: A comprehensive review of literature 110
Augmented Reality and Robotic-Assistance for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy 108
Robotic assisted radical cystectomy: insights on long term oncological outcomes from the International Robotic Cystectomy Consortium 100
Digital frozen section of the prostate surface during radical prostatectomy: a novel approach to evaluate surgical margins 83
COVID-19 and urology: a comprehensive review of the literature 82
Ureteral access sheath-related injuries vs. post-operative infections. Is sheath insertion always needed? A prospective randomized study to understand the lights and shadows of this practice 78
Diagnostic bias during the COVID-19 era: COVID-19 or renal abscess? 77
En-bloc resection of bladder tumors (ERBT) for pathological staging: the value of lateral margins analysis 74
The role of vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy in the management of FOURNIER’S gangrene: a retrospective multi-institutional cohort study 73
Development and validation of the objective assessment of robotic suturing and knot tying skills for chicken anastomotic model 73
Development and validation of the metric-based assessment of a robotic vessel dissection, vessel loop positioning, clip applying and bipolar coagulation task on an avian model 73
A survey-based study on the spread of en-bloc resection of bladder tumors among IEA and ESUT members 69
Initial Experience and Evaluation of a Nomogram for Outcome Prediction in Management of Medium-sized (1–2 cm) Kidney Stones 68
A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis on the Impact of Proficiency-based Progression Simulation Training on Performance Outcomes 65
COVID-19 and slowdown of residents' activity: Feedback from a novel e-learning event and overview of the literature 65
Prostatic artery embolization for the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia/lower urinary tract symptoms in elderly patients unfit for surgery: Our initial experience 62
Digital Biopsy with Fluorescence Confocal Microscope for Effective Real-time Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: A Prospective, Comparative Study 61
New Ultra-minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Systematic Review and Analysis of Comparative Outcomes 61
Digital Frozen Sections with Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy During Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Surgical Technique 60
Bilateral kidney metastases from adenoid cystic carcinoma of lung: a case report and literature review 59
Review of nomograms to counsel patients after oncologic surgery: a support for telemedicine to stratify the risk of relapse and customize the follow-up scheduling 52
The Use of Augmented Reality to Guide the Intraoperative Frozen Section During Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy 51
Training in robot-assisted surgery 49
Urinary frequency in COVID-19 patients 49
Warm ischemia time length during on-clamp partial nephrectomy: does it really matter? 48
Radical penectomy, a compromise for life: results from the PECAD study 46
A systematic review of nerve-sparing surgery for high-risk prostate cancer 46
The Unsolved Issue of Reporting of Late Complications in Urology 45
Effect of Direct-Acting Antiviral Drugs on Erectile Functions among Hepatitis C Patients: A Prospective Interventional Study 43
Preclinical Validation of a Semi-Autonomous Robot for Transperineal Prostate Biopsy 43
Training novice robot surgeons: Proctoring provides same results as simulator-generated guidance 40
The Click-On gamma probe, a second-generation tethered robotic gamma probe that improves dexterity and surgical decision-making 40
The microbiological profile of patients with Fournier's gangrene: A retrospective multi-institutional cohort study 40
Correction to: Concomitant robot-assisted laparoscopic surgeries for upper and lower urinary tract malignancies: a comprehensive literature review (Journal of Robotic Surgery, (2021), 10.1007/s11701-021-01317-1) 39
Simplified PADUA renal (SPARE) nephrometry score validation and long-term outcomes after robot-assisted partial nephrectomy 39
Does quality assured eLearning provide adequate preparation for robotic surgical skills; a prospective, randomized and multi-center study 38
Urology residents simulation training improves clinical outcomes in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy 37
Selecting the Most Appropriate Oncological Treatment for Patients with Renal Masses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations from a Referral Center 36
Structured robot-assisted surgery training curriculum for residents in Urology and impact on future surgical activity 36
Concomitant robot-assisted laparoscopic surgeries for upper and lower urinary tract malignancies: a comprehensive literature review 36
Potential Contenders for the Leadership in Robotic Surgery 36
Asymptomatic bacteriuria in candidates for active treatment of renal stones: results from an international multicentric study on more than 2600 patients 35
Comment on: "Impact of the preoperative modified Glasgow Prognostic Score on disease outcome after radical cystectomy for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder" 33
Assessing pentafecta achievement after robot-assisted radical cystectomy and its association with surgical experience: Results from a high-volume institution 32
Objective assessment of intraoperative skills for robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP): results from the ERUS Scientific and Educational Working Groups Metrics Initiative 31
Standardization in Surgical Education (SISE): Development and Implementation of an Innovative Training Program for Urologic Surgery Residents and Trainers by the European School of Urology in Collaboration with the ESUT and EULIS Sections of the EAU 30
Editorial Comment to Nosocomial SARS-CoV-2 infection in urology departments: Results of a prospective multicentric study 29
Artificial intelligence for renal cancer: From imaging to histology and beyond 28
Toward autonomous robotic prostate biopsy: a pilot study 28
The Impact of Previous Prostate Surgery on Surgical Outcomes for Patients Treated with Robot-assisted Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer 28
Comment on: "Fusion US/MRI prostate biopsy using a computer aided diagnostic (CAD) system" 27
Comparison between prone and supine nephrolithotomy in pediatric population: a double center experience 27
Technical Refinements in Superextended Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients at Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging 26
Three-dimensional Model Reconstruction: The Need for Standardization to Drive Tailored Surgery 26
Conservative treatment of upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) in patients with imperative indications: Not only an option 26
Reply to Nikolaos Grivas and Henk G. van der Poel's Letter to the Editor re: Rui Farinha, Giuseppe Rosiello, Artur De Oliveira Paludo, et al. Selective Suturing or Sutureless Technique in Robot-assisted Partial Nephrectomy: Results from a Propensity-score Matched Analysis. Eur Urol Focus. In press. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.euf.2021.03.019 25
Comment on: "Predictive factors for opioid-free management after robotic radical prostatectomy: The value of a single-port robotic platform" 25
Psychological distress among patients awaiting histopathologic results after prostate biopsy: An unaddressed concern 23
Selective Suturing or Sutureless Technique in Robot-assisted Partial Nephrectomy: Results from a Propensity-score Matched Analysis 23
Reply to Marc Furrer, Niranjan J. Sathianathen, and Nathan Lawrentschuk's Letter to the Editor re: Pietro Piazza, Luca Sarchi, Stefano Puliatti, Carlo Andrea Bravi, Sophie Knipper, Alexandre Mottrie. The Unsolved Issue of Reporting of Late Complications in Urology. Eur Urol 2021;80:527–528 22
Development and Validation of the Metric-Based Assessment of a Robotic Dissection Task on an Avian Model 22
New imaging technologies for robotic kidney cancer surgery 21
"Augmented reality" applications in urology: a systematic review 21
Laparoscopic assisted mini-ECIRS for ectopic kidney lithiasis: A case report and literature review 21
Rare perinephric myxoid pseudotumor of fat causing ureteropelvic junction obstruction: a case report 21
Robot-assisted Cystectomy with Intracorporeal Urinary Diversion After Pelvic Irradiation for Prostate Cancer: Technique and Results from a Single High-volume Center 21
Short Time Delay Between Previous Prostate Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Assessment and Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate Correlates with Worse Perioperative Outcomes 19
Basic Skills Training in Robotic Surgery: Dry and Wet-Lab Models and Their Application in Robotic Training Pathways 19
A nomogram to predict pathologic T2 stage in candidates to robot-assisted radical prostatectomy with iT3 prostate cancer on preoperative multiparametric MRI: results from a multi-institutional collaboration 17
Nephron-Sparing Surgery 15
Robotic-assisted versus open simple prostatectomy: Results from a systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative studies 15
Long-term oncologic outcomes of robot-assisted radical cystectomy: update series from a high-volume robotic center beyond 10 years of follow-up 14
Procedural Robotic Skills Training 13
Will renorrhaphy become obsolete? Evaluation of a new hemostatic sealant 13
Le patologie del surrene 12
External validation of yonsei nomogram predicting chronic kidney disease development after partial nephrectomy: An international, multicenter study 12
Early Catheter Removal on Postoperative Day 2 After Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Updated Real-life Experience with the Aalst Technique 12
Validated Training Curricula in Robotic Urology 11
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