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Premature loss of primary molars in children: space recovery through molar distalisation. A literature review 118
Dentoskeletal effects of slow versus rapid maxillary expansion: a retrospective CBCT study 38
IL LEAF EXPANDER: La rivoluzione dell'espansione mascellare confortevole in età pediatrica senza collaborazione e verso la guida autonoma 31
Customized elastodontic therapy during childhood: A pilot study 27
Comparative Effectiveness of Invisalign and Fixed Appliances in First-Premolar Extraction Cases 16
The effect of six different preventive treatments on the shear bond strengths of orthodontic brackets: An in vitro study 11
Evolution of the Leaf Expander: A Maxillary Self Expander 9
Comparison of a tridimensional cephalometric analysis performed on 3T-MRI compared with CBCT: a pilot study in adults 9
The Leaf Expander for Non-Compliance Treatment in the Mixed Dentition 9
PREVENZIONE DENTALE e PARODONTALE in ORTODONZIA - Il Laboratorio e la Clinica - Protocolli operativi 8
Evaluation of a post oral hygiene carbamide peroxide bleaching gel: A pilot study 8
Assessment of the Stability of the Palatal Rugae in a 3D-3D Superimposition Technique Following Slow Maxillary Expansion (SME) 7
The efficacy of orthodontic treatments for anterior crowding with Invisalign compared with fixed appliances using the Peer Assessment Rating Index 7
Relatisonship between molar deciduous teeth infraocclusion and mandibular growth: A case-control study 7
Aesthetic recovery of the smile: a new integrated orthodontic-conservative method 6
Periodontal disease and clinical association with COVID-19 infection 6
Three-dimensional evaluation of the maxillary sinus in patients with different skeletal classes and cranio-maxillary relationships assessed with cone beam computed tomography 5
A multicenter, prospective, randomized trial of pain and discomfort during maxillary expansion: Leaf expander versus hyrax expander 5
Buccal Alveolar Bone changes and upper first molar displacement after maxillary expansion with RME, Ni-Ti leaf springs expander and Tooth- Bone-borne Expander. A CBCT based analysis 5
Evaluation of Masticatory Muscles in Adult Patients with Maxillary Hypoplasia Treated with Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion (SARME): A Retrospective Study 5
Skeletal and dento-alveolar changes obtained with customised and preformed eruption guidance appliances after 1-year treatment in early mixed dentition 5
Efficacy of ketoprofen lysine salt and paracetamol/acetaminophen to reduce pain during rapid maxillary expansion: A randomized controlled clinical trial 5
Split mouth randomized controlled trial: Standard therapy vs ultrasonic therapy with ozone gas application 5
Oral ecological environment modifications by hard-cheese: from pH to microbiome: a prospective cohort study based on 16S rRNA metabarcoding approach 4
Current state of the art in the use of augmented reality in dentistry: A systematic review of the literature 4
Correlation between Temporo-Mandibular Pain and Gender 4
Comparison of the skeletal, dentoalveolar, and periodontal changes after Ni–Ti leaf spring expander and rapid maxillary expansion: a three-dimensional CBCT based evaluation 4
Buccal bone changes around first permanent molars and second primary molars after maxillary expansion with a low compliance Ni–Ti leaf spring expander 4
Maxillary tridimensional changes after slow expansion with leaf expander in a sample of growing patients: A pilot study 4
Correlation between dental vestibular-palatal inclination and alveolar bone remodeling after orthodontic treatment: A CBCT analysis 4
Timing considerations on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets after topical fluoride varnish applications 4
A scoping review of respirator literature and a survey among dental professionals 4
A CBCT based analysis of the correlation between volumetric morphology of the frontal sinuses and the facial growth pattern in caucasian subjects. A cross-sectional study 4
Comparison between RME, SME and Leaf Expander in growing patients: a retrospective postero-anterior cephalometric study 3
Three-dimensional evaluation of slow maxillary expansion with leaf expander vs. rapid maxillary expansion in a sample of growing patients: Direct effects on maxillary arch and spontaneous mandibular response 3
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a novel mouth rinse containing hyaluronic acid and hydrogen peroxide on gingivitis: A randomized pilot controlled trial 3
Correlation between facial growth patterns and cortical bone thickness assessed with cone-beam computed tomography in young adult untreated patients 3
Cephalometric changes following maxillary expansion with ni-ti leaf springs palatal expander and rapid maxillary expander: A retrospective study 3
Spontaneous Mandibular Dentoalveolar Changes after Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RME), Slow Maxillary Expansion (SME), and Leaf Expander—A Systematic Review 3
Third molars and dental crowding: Different opinions of orthodontists and oral surgeons among Italian practitioners 3
Three-dimensional evaluation of rapid maxillary expansion anchored to primary molars: Direct effects on maxillary arch and spontaneous mandibular response 3
Aesthetic parameters of the human profile through the 20th century as an aid for orthodontic treatment 3
Navigation systems in maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery and their potential advantages 3
Rapid and slow maxillary expansion: a posteroanterior cephalometric study 3
Biomimetic Effect of Nano-Hydroxyapatite in Demineralized Enamel before Orthodontic Bonding of Brackets and Attachments: Visual, Adhesion Strength, and Hardness in in Vitro Tests 3
The effect of seven preventive treatments containing microrepair on the shear bond strengths of orthodontic brackets: An in vitro study 3
Professional and home-management in non-surgical periodontal therapy to evaluate the percentage of glycated hemoglobin in type 1 diabetes patients 3
Volumetric changes in the upper airways after rapid and slow maxillary expansion in growing patients: A case-control study 3
Comparison of the microleakage in class II bulk-fill restorations and different filling techniques: An “in vitro study” 3
Correlation between malocclusion and allergic rhinitis in pediatric patients: A systematic review 3
Periodontal aspects of orthodontic treatment with invisalign® versus fixed appliances in the same patients - A pilot study 2
Evaluation of Enamel Surfaces after Different Techniques of Interproximal Enamel Reduction 2
Method Presentation of a New Integrated Orthodontic-Conservative Approach for Minimally Invasive Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Speed Up Therapy 2
Functional breastfeeding: From nutritive sucking to oral health 2
Lymphangioma of the tongue associated with open bite: Case report 2
Evaluation of dental surface after de-bonding orthodontic bracket bonded with a novel fluorescent composite: In vitro comparative study 2
Effects of six different preventive treatments on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets: in vitro study 1
Special Issue on Recent Developments in Orthodontics on Craniofacial Orthopedics 1
Determining risk factors for the development of temporomandibular disorders during orthodontic treatment 1
Pre-bonding prophylaxis and brackets detachment: An experimental comparison of different methods 1
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