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Micro(nano)plastics sources, fate, and effects: What we know after ten years of research 14
Oceanographic exchanges between the Southern and Northern Atlantic during the Cenozoic inferred from mixed contourite-turbidite systems in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin 13
Architecture, structural and tectonic significance of the Seagap fault (offshore Tanzania) in the framework of the East African Rift 12
A 1000-yr-old tsunami in the Indian Ocean points to greater risk for East Africa: REPLY 9
A 1000-yr-old tsunami in the Indian Ocean points to greater risk for East Africa 7
High-frequency sea level and sediment supply fluctuations during Termination I: An integrated sequence-stratigraphy and modeling approach from the Adriatic Sea (Central Mediterranean) 7
Characterisation of submarine depression trails driven by upslope migrating cyclic steps: Insights from the Ceará Basin (Brazil) 6
Submarine landslides triggered by iceberg collision with the seafloor 6
Large-scale submarine landslide drives long-lasting regime shift in slope sediment deposition 6
Onshore to offshore anatomy of a late Quaternary source-to-sink system (Po Plain–Adriatic Sea, Italy) 5
Different types of gravity-driven flow deposits and associated bedforms in the Upper Bengal Fan, offshore Myanmar 5
Large-scale response of the Eastern Mediterranean thermohaline circulation to African monsoon intensification during sapropel S1 formation 5
Deep-water sedimentation processes on a glaciated margin: The Foula Wedge trough mouth fan, West of Shetland 5
Large-scale mass wasting in the western Indian Ocean constrains onset of East African rifting 4
Structural controls on slope evolution and sediment dispersal pathways along the northern Tanzania continental margin, western Indian Ocean 4
The submerged paleolandscape of the Maltese Island: Morphology, evolution and relation to Quaternary environmental change 4
Seismic characterization and depositional significance of the Nahr Menashe deposits: Implications for the terminal phases of the Messinian salinity crisis in the north-east Levant Basin, offshore Lebanon 4
Deltaic and Coastal Sediments as Recorders of Mediterranean Regional Climate and Human Impact Over the Past Three Millennia 4
Local marine reservoir age (δr) reconstructed based on the tsunami deposit from Pangani bay (Tanzania) 4
Biodetrital carbonates on the Adriatic continental shelf imprinted by oxidation of seeping hydrocarbons 4
Delta growth and river valleys: the influence of climate and sea level changes on the South Adriatic shelf (Mediterranean Sea) 4
Active faulting controls bedform development on a deep-water fan 4
Bathymetry of the Adriatic Sea: The legacy of the last eustatic cycle and the impact of modern sediment dispersal 3
Numerical Modeling of the Hydro-Morphodynamics of a Distributary Channel of the Po River Delta (Italy) during the Spring 2009 Flood Event 3
River morphodynamic evolution under dam-induced backwater: An example from the po river (Italy) 3
Tidal modulation of river-flood deposits: How low can you go? 3
Anatomy of a compound delta from the post-glacial transgressive record in the Adriatic Sea 3
How to make a 350-m-thick lowstand systems tract in 17,000 years: The Late Pleistocene Po River (Italy) lowstand wedge 3
Man Made Deltas 3
Leaky salt: Pipe trails record the history of cross‐evaporite fluid escape in the northern Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean 3
Subsidence pattern in the central Adriatic and its influence on sediment architecture during the last 400 kyr 3
Role of the Mid-Adriatic deep in dense water interception and modification 3
Geometrical Breakdown Approach to interpretation of depositional sequences 3
Bottom currents, submarine mass failures and halokinesis at the toe of the Sigsbee Escarpment (Gulf of Mexico): Contrasting regimes during lowstand and highstand conditions? 2
Sea floor bedforms and their influence on slope accommodation 2
High resolution multibeam and hydrodynamic datasets of tidal channels and inlets of the Venice Lagoon 2
The Late Pleistocene Po River lowstand wedge in the Adriatic Sea: Controls on architecture variability and sediment partitioning 2
Impact of the East African Rift System on the routing of the deep‐water drainage network offshore Tanzania, western Indian Ocean 2
Latitudinal response of storm activity to abrupt climate change during the last 6,500 years 2
Drowned karst landscape offshore the Apulian Margin (Southern Adriatic Sea, Italy) 1
Pliocene–Quaternary contourite depositional system along the south-western Adriatic margin: changes in sedimentary stacking pattern and associated bottom currents 1
Large-scale single incised valley from a small catchment basin on the western Adriatic margin (central Mediterranean Sea) 1
Impact of sea-level fluctuations on the sedimentation patterns of the SE African margin: implications for slope instability 1
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