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On Reinforcement Learning in production control and its potentiality in manufacturing 15
A single-vendor, multiple-buyer coordinated supply chain model with unequal-sized batch shipments and cycle-dependent safety stocks 14
Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Maintenance Planning in a Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem 12
A novel operational approach to equipment maintenance: TPM and RCM jointly at work 12
Stochastic joint replenishment problem under a fill rate constraint with controllable lead times and shared cost allocation 11
Batching decisions in multi-item production systems with learning effect 11
Protection of passive RFID labels by resin doming and encapsulation 11
A visual planning solution to streamline the processes of hybrid cross-dockings 11
The effect of GHG emissions on production, inventory replenishment and routing decisions in a single vendor-multiple buyers supply chain 10
A periodic review policy for a coordinated single vendor-multiple buyers supply chain with controllable lead time and distribution-free approach 10
Integrating considerations of uncertainty within the OEE of a manufacturing line 10
Joint-replenishment problem under stochastic demands with backorders-lost sales mixtures, controllable lead times, and investment to reduce the major ordering cost 10
Approximated closed-form minimum-cost solutions to the (S - 1, S) policy with complete backordering 10
Dataset of metaheuristics for the flow shop scheduling problem with maintenance activities integrated 9
Approximated closed-form minimum-cost solution to the (r, q) policy with complete backordering and further developments 9
A note concerning physical space occupation costs in Vendor Managed Inventory with consignment agreement models 9
Controlling lead times and minor ordering costs in the joint replenishment problem with stochastic demands under the class of cyclic policies 9
Energy Cost Deployment (ECD): A novel lean approach to tackling energy losses 9
A Revised PFMEA Approach for Reliable Design of Assembly Activities 9
A novel game theory based exit selection model in emergency conditions 9
A Bernoulli model for the single-vendor single-buyer supply system with (s,S)-inventory policy and stochastic lead time 9
An ensemble-learning model for failure rate prediction 9
Economic production quantity for a decaying item with stochastic demand and positive lead time 9
The average-cost formulation of lot sizing models and inventory carrying charges: A technical note 8
Improving Tool-Life Stochastic Control Through a Tool-Life Model Based on Diffusion Theory 8
A periodic review policy with quality improvement, setup cost reduction, backorder price discount, and controllable lead time 8
Metaheuristics for the flow shop scheduling problem with maintenance activities integrated 8
Just-in-time parts feeding policies for paced assembly lines: Possible solutions for highly constrained layouts 8
Stochastic modeling of a single-vendor single-buyer supply chain with (s, S)-inventory policy 8
A continuous review, (Q, r) inventory model for a deteriorating item with random demand and positive lead time 8
Revised Overall Labour Effectiveness 8
Economic production quantity with inventory rationing for a decaying item 8
Overall material usage effectiveness (OME): a structured indicator to measure the effective material usage within manufacturing processes 7
Optimization of POLCA-controlled production systems with a simulation-driven Genetic Algorithm 7
Computer-Aided Activity Planning (CAAP) in Large-Scale Projects With an Application in the Yachting Industry 7
Distribution-free approach for stochastic Joint-Replenishment Problem with backorders-lost sales mixtures, and controllable major ordering cost and lead times 7
Optimizing product assortment, joint replenishments, and storage capacity allocation in a deteriorating inventory system 7
The effect of GHG emissions on production, inventory replenishment and routing decisions in a single vendor-multiple buyers supply chain 7
A note on "A Multiple-Vendor Single-Buyer Integrated Inventory Model With a Variable Number of Vendors" 7
An extension of the stochastic Joint-Replenishment Problem under the class of cyclic policies 7
An Integer Linear Programming Approach to Maintenance Strategies Selection 7
Application of the QFD methodology to plant layout evaluation 7
Stochastic reorder point-lot size (r, Q) inventory model under maximum entropy principle 7
Stochastic Theory of Tool-Life - Theoretical developments on the injury theory 6
Considering greenhouse gas emissions in a single vendormultiple buyer coordinated supply chain 6
Optimising replenishment policy in an integrated supply chain with controllable lead time and backorders-lost sales mixture 6
Efficient near-optimal procedures for some inventory models with backorders-lost sales mixture and controllable lead time, under continuous or periodic review 6
A study on the importance of selection rules within unbalanced MTO POLCA-controlled production systems 6
Optimizing production-inventory replenishment and lead time decisions under a fill rate constraint in a two-echelon sustainable supply chain with quality issues 5
Diffusion theory applied to tool-life stochastic modeling under a progressive wear process 5
A novel approach to safety stock management in a coordinated supply chain with controllable lead time using present value 5
Harmony search algorithm for single machine scheduling problem with planned maintenance 5
Safety Stock Management in Single Vendor-Single Buyer Problem under VMI with Consignment Stock Agreement 5
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