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Nome #
Profiling of Flavonol Derivatives for the Development of Antitrypanosomatidic Drugs, file e31e124b-f9cb-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 535
Folic Acid-Peptide Conjugates Combine Selective Cancer Cell Internalization with Thymidylate Synthase Dimer Interface Targeting, file e31e124f-6460-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 402
Hits and Lead Discovery in the Identification of New Drugs against the Trypanosomatidic Infections, file e31e124d-e223-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 371
Current and Future Chemotherapy for Chagas Disease, file e31e124b-f788-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 336
Repurposing of drugs targeting yap-tead functions, file e31e124d-9360-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 296
The Future of Drug Development for Neglected Tropical Diseases: How the European Commission Can Continue to Make a Difference, file e31e124d-25ab-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 285
Protein–protein interface-binding peptides inhibit the cancer therapy target human thymidylate synthase, file e31e124b-6883-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 277
Modulation of the expression of folate cycle enzymes and polyamine metabolism by berberine in cisplatin-sensitive and -resistant human ovarian cancer cells, file e31e124b-3ceb-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 213
Exploiting the 2-Amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole Scaffold To InhibitTrypanosoma bruceiPteridine Reductase in Support of Early-Stage Drug Discovery, file e31e124d-29e1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 207
In silico identification and in vitro evaluation of natural inhibitors of leishmania major pteridine reductase I, file e31e124d-1613-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 199
Intracellular quantitative detection of human thymidylate synthase engagement with an unconventional inhibitor using tetracysteine-diarsenical-probe technology, file e31e124b-a0f6-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 180
Accelerating Drug Discovery Efforts for Trypanosomatidic Infections Using an Integrated Transnational Academic Drug Discovery Platform, file e31e124d-a882-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 179
Discovery of highly potent acid ceramidase inhibitors with in vitro tumor chemosensitizing activity, file e31e124a-a916-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 175
Structural Comparison of Enterococcus faecalis and Human Thymidylate Synthase Complexes with the Substrate dUMP and Its Analogue FdUMP Provides Hints about Enzyme Conformational Variabilities, file e31e124d-a324-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 172
Discovery of potent pteridine reductase inhibitors to guide antiparasite drug development, file e31e124a-99d6-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 169
Permeation through the cell membrane of a boron-based β-lactamase inhibitor., file e31e124e-064c-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 163
The 1,10-phenanthroline ligand enhances the antiproliferative activity of dna-intercalating thiourea-pd(Ii) and-pt(ii) complexes against cisplatin-sensitive and-resistant human ovarian cancer cell lines, file e31e124d-da2d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 156
Translational repression of thymidylate synthase by targeting its mRNA, file e31e124b-1dcd-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 155
Proteomic and bioinformatic studies for the characterization of response to pemetrexed in platinum drug resistant ovarian cancer, file e31e124d-83f4-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 150
Oxaliplatin plus leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil (FOLFOX-4) as a salvage chemotherapy in heavily-pretreated platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, file e31e124d-9fbe-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 150
Structural and Functional Characterization of the Human Thymidylate Synthase (hTS) Interface Variant R175C, New Perspectives for the Development of hTS Inhibitors, file e31e124d-a322-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 148
Inhibitor Specificity via Protein Dynamics. Insights from the Design of Antibacterial Agents Targeted Against Thymidylate Synthase, file e31e124b-fba7-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 140
A Peptidic Thymidylate-Synthase Inhibitor Loaded on Pegylated Liposomes Enhances the Antitumour Effect of Chemotherapy Drugs in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells, file e31e124e-3af2-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 138
Computational and biological profile of boronic acids for the detection of bacterial serine- and metallo-beta-lactamases, file e31e124d-224a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 136
Intrinsic Fluorescence of the Active and the Inactive Functional Forms of Human Thymidylate Synthase, file e31e124f-8954-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 136
“A step further in the discovery of phthalein derivatives as Thymidylate Synthase inhibitors”, file e31e124b-f1bd-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 131
Cyclic Peptides Acting as Allosteric Inhibitors of Human Thymidylate Synthase and Cancer Cell Growth, file e31e124d-ca31-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 125
In This Issue, Volume 9, Issue 5, file e31e124d-a38d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 123
IL GIOCO MOLECOLARE TRA DRUG DISCOVERY E CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, file e31e124d-b365-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 120
Evidence of destabilization of the human thymidylate synthase (hTS) dimeric structure induced by the interface mutation Q62R, file e31e124d-e220-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 116
Serum Mass Spectrometry Proteomics and Protein Set Identification in Response to FOLFOX-4 in Drug-Resistant Ovarian Carcinoma, file 115add2d-5a73-42f8-b973-dd6d459b310d 112
Feasibility Study on a Measurement Method and a Portable Measuring System to Estimate the Concentration of Cloxacillin and β -Lactamase in Milk, file e31e124c-f553-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 99
Label-free fiber optic optrode for the detection of class C beta-lactamases expressed by drug resistant bacteria, file e31e124d-203d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 95
Crystallographic studies of novel inhibitors of [beta]-lactamases, file e31e124b-f25b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 86
Structural bases for the synergistic inhibition of human thymidylate synthase and ovarian cancer cell growth by drug combinations, file e31e124f-9c9d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 75
Evidence of Pyrimethamine and Cycloguanil Analogues as Dual Inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei Pteridine Reductase and Dihydrofolate Reductase, file e31e124f-d4ab-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 75
Virtual screening identifies broad-spectrum β-lactamase inhibitors with activity on clinically relevant serine- and metallo-carbapenemases, file e31e124e-c3a2-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 73
2-Carboxyquinoxalines Kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis through Noncovalent Inhibition of DprE1, file e31e1250-3f58-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 69
Repurposing the trypanosomatidic gsk kinetobox for the inhibition of parasitic pteridine and dihydrofolate reductases, file e31e124f-f4e1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 65
SAR Studies and Biological Characterization of a Chromen-4-one Derivative as an Anti-Trypanosoma brucei Agent, file e31e124d-a229-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 62
Designing selective Cys-ligands to unpair the binding of the Human Transcription Enhancer Associated Domain 4 (hTEAD-4) with its modulators to halt cancer cell growth, file e31e124f-91d0-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 43
Enhancement of Benzothiazoles as Pteridine Reductase-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Trypanosomatidic Infections, file e31e1250-0d79-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 42
Virtual Screening and X-ray Crystallography Identify Non-Substrate Analog Inhibitors of Flavin-Dependent Thymidylate Synthase, file e31e1250-aac5-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 40
Peptides binding to the dimer interface of thymidylate synthase for the treatment of cancer-US8916679 “B2 - Granted patent as second publication”., file e31e124a-c526-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 38
Label-Free Mass Spectrometry Proteomics Reveals Different Pathways Modulated in THP-1 Cells Infected with Therapeutic Failure and Drug Resistance Leishmania infantum Clinical Isolates, file b6bad831-2087-4985-b884-640d2117c5ed 36
Aryl thiosemicarbazones for the treatment of trypanosomatidic infections, file e31e1250-6145-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 36
X-ray-crystallography deciphers the activity of broad spectrum boronic acid β-Lactamases inhibitors, file e31e124e-69e0-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 35
Multitarget, Selective Compound Design Yields Potent Inhibitors of a Kinetoplastid Pteridine Reductase 1, file 1836f00f-561c-4df3-bac1-bd18d1f83edc 29
Structure-based design and in-parallel synthesis of inhibitors of AmpC β-lactamase, file e31e124e-83be-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 28
Methoxylated 2'-hydroxychalcones as antiparasitic hit compounds, file e31e1250-3ee5-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 27
Exploiting Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) in the characterization of YAP:TEAD complex disruption, file ea3e26ee-bf35-461f-8e7b-5a6f2fb59d1f 27
"Structure-Based Discovery & In parallel Optimization of Novel Inhibitors of Thymidylate Synthase", file e31e124e-61a8-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 26
pH-Promoted Release of a Novel Anti-Tumour Peptide by “Stealth” Liposomes: Effect of Nanocarriers on the Drug Activity in Cis-Platinum Resistant Cancer Cells, file e31e1250-700f-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 25
A toolbox of biophysical and analytical assays helps to confirm the activity of novel hTS dimer disrupters (Ddis) with anticancer properties, file a6638a6a-bdcc-4203-8baf-385dd3872252 24
Development of a novel class of YAP:TEAD interface-3 molecular disruptors to treat colorectal carcinoma, file 2ddbc408-4788-4c10-b0d4-ea4913085e81 23
The 1,10-phenanthroline ligand enhances the antiproliferative activity of dna-intercalating thiourea-pd(Ii) and-pt(ii) complexes against cisplatin-sensitive and-resistant human ovarian cancer cell lines, file e31e124d-e59b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 23
Proteomic contribution to the omic path for the identification of novel drugs overcoming resistance in Leishmaniasis., file e31e1250-35a4-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 23
Structure-based design and in parallel synthesis of boronic acid inhibitors of AmpC beta-lactamase, file e31e124e-83c2-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 22
Crassiflorone derivatives that inhibit Trypanosoma brucei glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (TbGAPDH) and Trypanosoma cruzi trypanothione reductase (TcTR) and display trypanocidal activity, file e31e124f-f98e-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 21
Compounds having antiparasitic activity, file e31e124d-efcc-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 19
Cellular uptake and metabolic degradation of a conjugate of folic acid with an anticancer peptide targeting the human Thymidylate synthase enzyme, file e31e1250-0e2a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 19
LC-MS/MS Helps Characterizing THP-1 Cells Proteome After Infection with Drug Resistant Leishmania Strains, file 0caa19db-7757-42f7-83c7-c87f93104339 18
A Peptidic Thymidylate-Synthase Inhibitor Loaded on Pegylated Liposomes Enhances the Antitumour Effect of Chemotherapy Drugs in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells, file e31e124e-4716-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 18
Insights into host-target interaction from the proteome modulation analysis through untargeted LC-MS/MS Proteomics of drug resistant L infantum-THP1 infected cells, file 6746c7dc-7dbb-42f5-87ea-a505bfbcbbc8 16
LC-MS serum proteomics reveals a panel of proteins prognostic of positive responsiveness to bevacizumab therapy in late-stages ovarian cancer patients, file f692143a-b58e-4062-a1a3-947796ac06ce 16
Lead optimization of human thymidylate synthase dimer disrupters: from computational studies to evaluation of their biological profiles, file 13f336c6-8fa5-4469-9fbf-02448430cda9 15
Destabilizers of the thymidylate synthase homodimer accelerate its proteasomal degradation and inhibit cancer growth, file a2cae1de-bd1b-426b-91e9-1b996303dd0b 15
A dual-Omics approach to identify the modulated proteins/genes in THP-1 cells infected with different drug resistant L. infantum clinical isolates., file 33586b7c-e52d-453f-8637-aa0435af6dd5 14
Investigating the mechanism of action of the antiparasitic agent H80 through imaging techniques, file 7eee3940-3d00-4a46-a45c-070ed71b3073 14
Design, synthesis and antiparasitic evaluation of click phospholipids, file e31e1250-0194-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 14
Advances in the set-up of a fluorescence- anisotropy assay for the search of novel inhibitors of the tead-4 complexes, file e31e1250-2cfc-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 14
Destabilizers of the thymidylate synthase homodimer accelerate its proteasomal degradation and inhibit cancer growth, file aa21c5db-c206-459d-83d7-a5a0a3c06e02 13
Current Treatments to Control African Trypanosomiasis and One Health Perspective, file e31e1250-923d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 13
LC-MS/MS proteomics for the rapid and selective screening of drug resistances in Leishmania infantum clinical isolates, file 4c90d831-3920-4b56-9be1-5edbe26bb5a8 11
Identification of a Quinone Derivative as a YAP/TEAD Activity Modulator from a Repurposing Library, file cd6e45e3-17cf-4847-a275-f01c5213e6e5 11
Sesquiterpene lactones with dual inhibitory activity against the trypanosoma brucei pteridine reductase 1 and dihydrofolate reductase, file e31e1250-05d9-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 11
Targeting of the Cysteines Surface domain of the Transcriptional Enhancer Associate Domain (TEAD) for anticancer drug discovery, file e31e1250-2caa-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 11
Hotspots in an obligate homodimeric anticancer target. structural and functional effects of interfacial mutations in human thymidylate synthase, file e31e124f-c717-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 10
UHPLC-MS/MS screening of the hTEAD surface for the identification of novel allosteric inhibitors with anticancer activity, file 6f4870ae-57c2-4c82-a287-d586a8db0248 9
Lead-optimization process and characterization of the dissociative effect applied to new dimer disrupters of human Thymidylate Synthase, file 0ca67a23-2652-4924-b376-42980df36080 8
Structure-Based Optimization of a Non-β-lactam Lead Results in Inhibitors That Do Not Up-Regulate β-Lactamase Expression in Cell Culture, file e31e124b-398a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 8
Leveraging proteomic, bioinformatic and ecotoxicology models to select new targets overcoming L. Infantum drug resistent, file 3d54e8b0-e166-49a0-ae86-1419b91e2f2c 7
Development of a sensitive biochemical tool to assess the expression levels of recombinant ectopic proteins in in vitro engineered cellular systems, file a70353c0-b6be-4929-93f2-b44e59752349 7
Predicting and harnessing protein flexibility in the design of species-specific inhibitors of thymidylate synthase, file f2c1fc1f-6f22-4143-b624-ff3091b3dce2 7
Leveraging proteomics, bioinformatics, and ecotoxicology models to select new targets overcoming L infantum drug resistance., file 9aedc03a-0314-4ccd-b778-b23bfcf97d1c 6
Expression, purification, and characterization of Transcriptional Enhancer Associated Domain (hTEAD4), a promising target for anticancer agents, file a25bd5a8-39af-4064-8f76-9b3675860556 6
Discovery of a benzothiophene-flavonol halting miltefosine and antimonial drug resistance in Leishmania parasites through the application of medicinal chemistry, screening and genomics, file e31e124d-ca30-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 6
New insights into bioactive compounds from the medicinal plant Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv. and their activity against Helicobacter pylori, file e31e124e-38e3-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 6
Designing Chimeric Molecules for Drug Discovery by Leveraging Chemical Biology, file e31e124e-3e3a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 6
Heterodimeric thymidylate synthases with C-terminal deletion on one subunit., file f1fc5308-11fa-40df-9e27-701b42f66a34 6
Saturation site-directed mutagenesis of Lactobacillus casei Thymidylate synthase. Mutagenesis strategy and replacement sets of Pro-196 and Pro-197, file 4629a066-6c01-479e-afcb-199cd734c40d 5
Comparing Drug Images and Repurposing Drugs with BioGPS and FLAPdock: The Thymidylate Synthase Case, file e31e124b-f786-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 5
2-Carboxyquinoxalines Kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis through Noncovalent Inhibition of DprE1, file e31e124b-f9f3-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 5
Antitarget, Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Leads, Drugs, and the Drug Discovery-Genetics Alliance Perspective, file cd8d8f3b-2a35-4ba4-aca0-d37636429013 4
Ligand-based discovery of N-(1,3-dioxo-1H,3H-benzo[de]isochromen-5-yl)-carboxamide and sulfonamide derivatives as thymidylate synthase A inhibitors, file e31e124a-a843-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Enhanced anti-hyperproliferative activity of human thymidylate synthase inhibitor peptide by solid lipid nanoparticle delivery, file e31e124b-30c0-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Mass Spectrometric/Bioinformatic Identification of a Protein Subset That Characterizes the Cellular Activity of Anticancer Peptides, file e31e124b-3cea-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Hotspots in an obligate homodimeric anticancer target. structural and functional effects of interfacial mutations in human thymidylate synthase, file e31e124b-f246-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Virtual Screening and X-ray Crystallography Identify Non-Substrate Analog Inhibitors of Flavin-Dependent Thymidylate Synthase, file e31e124b-f3e1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
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