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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Passivity-Based Decentralized Approach for the Bilateral Teleoperation of a Group of UAVs with Switching Topology 1-gen-2011 A., Franchi; P., Robuffo Giordano; Secchi, Cristian; H. I., Son; H. H., Bülthoff
Adaptive Authority Allocation in Shared Control of Robots Using Bayesian Filters 1-gen-2020 Balachandran, R.; Mishra, H.; Cappelli, M.; Weber, B.; Secchi, C.; Ott, C.; Albu-Schaeffer, A.
AGV Global Localization Using Indistinguishable Artificial Landmarks 1-gen-2011 D., Ronzoni; R., Olmi; Secchi, Cristian; Fantuzzi, Cesare
B-Spline Based Filters for Multi-Point Trajectories Planning 1-gen-2010 Biagiotti, Luigi; Melchiorri, Claudio
Bilateral Control of the Degree of Connectivity in Multiple Mobile-robot Teleoperation 1-gen-2013 Secchi, Cristian; A., Franchi; H. H., Buelthoff; P., Robuffo Giordano
Bilateral Teleoperation of a Group of UAVs with Communication Delays and Switching Topology 1-gen-2012 Secchi, Cristian; A., Franchi; H. H., Buelthoff; P., Robuffo Giordano
Catching the wave: A transparency oriented wave based teleoperation architecture 1-gen-2016 Secchi, Cristian; Ferraguti, Federica; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Collision Avoidance Using Gyroscopic Forces for Cooperative Lagrangian Dynamical Systems 1-gen-2013 Sabattini, Lorenzo; Secchi, Cristian; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Comparative Evaluation of the Selective Compliance in Elastic Joints for Robotic Structures 1-gen-2011 Berselli, Giovanni; M., Piccinini; G., Vassura
COMPLEX PACKAGING LINE MODELLING AND SIMULATION 1-gen-2007 Grassi, Andrea; Gebennini, Elisa; Goldoni, G.; Fantuzzi, Cesare; Gamberini, Rita; Nevin, R.; Rimini, Bianca
Control of a robotic gripper for grasping objects in no-gravity conditions 1-gen-2001 Biagiotti, L.; Melchiorri, C.; Vassura, G.
Coordinated motion for multi-robot systems under time varying communication topologies 1-gen-2016 Sabattini, Lorenzo; Secchi, Cristian; Lotti, Marco; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Coordination of Multiple AGVs in an Industrial Application 1-gen-2008 Olmi, R; Secchi, Cristian; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Decentralized Connectivity Maintenance for Networked Lagrangian Dynamical Systems 1-gen-2012 Sabattini, Lorenzo; Secchi, Cristian; N., Chopra
Design, identification and experimental testing of a light-weight flexible-joint arm for aerial physical interaction 1-gen-2015 Yuksel, Burak; Mahboubi, Saber; Secchi, Cristian; Bulthoff, Heinrich H.; Franchi, Antonio
Development of UB Hand 3: Early results 1-gen-2005 Lotti, F.; Tiezzi, P.; Vassura, G.; Biagiotti, L.; Palli, G.; Melchiorri, C.
Differentiated layer design to modify the compliance of soft pads for robotic limbs 1-gen-2009 Berselli, Giovanni; G., Vassura
Digital passive geometric telemanipulation 1-gen-2003 Secchi, Cristian; Stramigioli, S.; Fantuzzi, Cesare
A dynamic routing strategy for the traffic control of AGVs in automatic warehouses 1-gen-2015 Secchi, Cristian; Olmi, Roberto; Rocchi, Fabio; Fantuzzi, Cesare
Energy optimization for a robust and flexible interaction control 1-gen-2019 Secchi, C.; Ferraguti, F.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 44
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