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Evolution of calcite surfaces upon thermal decomposition, characterized by electrokinetics, in-situ XRD, and SEM, file cf699afb-ec96-4b34-9bda-08716d97c9c9 204
Amorphous development during the setting reaction of magnesium potassium phosphate ceramics studied by in situ X-ray diffraction, file cbda3f70-4c81-4715-ba6f-6c69b22e45ff 30
Accuracy in quantitative phase analysis of mixtures with large amorphous contents. The case of stoneware ceramics and bricks, file bae367c9-8443-49db-9779-2da2bd2facac 10
Corrosion and Electrochemical Properties of Laser-Shock-Peening-Treated Stainless Steel AISI 304L in VVER Primary Water Environment, file 11f42903-6fd7-4fba-b79c-3fff2a0adc5b 7
Synthetic calcium carbonate improves the effectiveness of treatments with nanolime to contrast decay in highly porous limestone, file 12705402-ca9d-4685-bd5f-b41e6290383f 7
Consolidation of weak lime mortars by means of saturated solution of calcium hydroxide or barium hydroxide, file 18efcc62-ef60-4c5e-914e-5d4b10749a6e 7
Microstructural characterization of dental zinc phosphate cements using combined small angle neutron scattering and microfocus X-ray computed tomography, file e425b445-200b-41e8-afa7-6b5f3a5e9cad 6
3D microstructure of magnesium potassium phosphate ceramics from X-ray tomography: new insights into the reaction mechanisms, file 1417af4c-d699-4fce-b000-c555ced41ff0 5
Synergistic interaction between PVA and Magnesium phosphate Cement, file 15fb2eda-dfde-4869-a0fb-be04284e1b03 5
Preliminary study of the pozzolanic activity of dumped mine wastes obtained from the North Bohemian basin in the Czech Republic, file afa2639d-fc3b-486b-aa3e-6ddb63cead41 5
Monitoring Durability of Limestone Cement Paste Stored at Conditions Promoting Thaumasite Formation, file ef83c292-9131-4281-b751-de57760a0228 5
Determination of thermal response of Carrara and Sneznikovsky marble used as building material, file 438812f7-5ac8-49c4-9c43-7e9ddeee80a7 4
Influence of linseed oil on the microstructure and composition of lime and lime-metakaolin pastes after a long curing time, file e4d85ce2-6a10-4e61-86f8-33bcc83daf95 4
Characterization of vaterite synthesized at various temperatures and stirring velocities without use of additives, file 23837cc2-b430-4be5-b472-e3908baff037 1
The effect of firing temperature on the composition and microstructure of a geocement-based binder of sodium water-glass, file 311fd7b2-8472-4ba3-beb9-d2bc44c97a0e 1
Investigation of amorphous and crystalline phosphates in magnesium phosphate ceramics with solid-state 1H and 31P NMR spectroscopy, file 36dc6fb7-b404-4bc7-839d-0d12025b9f38 1
Aqueous polyacrylate latex nanodispersions used as consolidation agents to improve mechanical properties of Prague sandstone, file 45eb158d-75a9-4e67-84bc-652797dd74a3 1
Reactivity of MSWI-fly ash in Mg-K-phosphate cement, file 5cddd5b5-1da8-41c2-9215-a4fa8fc67db4 1
Efficacy of polyacrylate latex nanodispersions as consolidation agents in porous sandstones evaluated by synchrotron X-ray computed microtomography, file 602ffdc5-874d-462f-957a-cb3cf7a7d9c7 1
Solid bitumen as an indicator of petroleum migration, thermal maturity, and contact metamorphism: A case study in the Barrandian Basin (Silurian - Devonian), Czech Republic, file 74609f8f-6afb-4ecb-8392-562da6a72c7e 1
Determination of optimal burning temperature ranges for production of natural hydraulic limes, file 84dc5baa-225d-4847-9aac-99ada830f1a8 1
Assessment of firing conditions in old fired-clay bricks: The contribution of X-ray powder diffraction with the Rietveld method and small angle neutron scattering, file b783b40a-aa3a-4a18-b970-9a651dfd0839 1
Synergistic effect of acetic acid and NOXfor objects made of lead and its alloys; Indoor corrosive environments in museums and depositories, file e9bff0fd-d5a5-459e-87f9-b1e8bc2c4f7b 1
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