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NA - Nord America 7.768
EU - Europa 3.472
AS - Asia 1.713
SA - Sud America 359
OC - Oceania 194
AF - Africa 137
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Totale 13.648
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 7.515
CN - Cina 773
IT - Italia 682
DE - Germania 458
FR - Francia 397
GB - Regno Unito 394
SE - Svezia 362
ES - Italia 201
NL - Olanda 189
CA - Canada 179
AU - Australia 175
RU - Federazione Russa 129
KR - Corea 119
IN - India 117
BR - Brasile 105
CO - Colombia 103
JP - Giappone 95
VN - Vietnam 75
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 71
HK - Hong Kong 71
CH - Svizzera 70
IE - Irlanda 64
ID - Indonesia 62
PE - Perù 61
UA - Ucraina 60
MX - Messico 54
TW - Taiwan 50
TH - Thailandia 49
ZA - Sudafrica 49
BE - Belgio 46
FI - Finlandia 44
CL - Cile 43
TR - Turchia 42
IR - Iran 41
MY - Malesia 39
PT - Portogallo 36
RO - Romania 36
SG - Singapore 36
AT - Austria 33
PL - Polonia 31
GR - Grecia 30
EG - Egitto 24
AR - Argentina 23
DK - Danimarca 22
PK - Pakistan 20
EC - Ecuador 19
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 19
HU - Ungheria 18
PH - Filippine 18
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 17
NO - Norvegia 16
IQ - Iraq 15
LT - Lituania 15
IL - Israele 14
NG - Nigeria 14
QA - Qatar 13
SA - Arabia Saudita 13
MA - Marocco 12
BG - Bulgaria 9
JO - Giordania 9
TN - Tunisia 9
BD - Bangladesh 8
RS - Serbia 8
CR - Costa Rica 7
EE - Estonia 7
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 6
CY - Cipro 5
KE - Kenya 5
OM - Oman 5
CD - Congo 4
MK - Macedonia 4
UG - Uganda 4
BY - Bielorussia 3
ET - Etiopia 3
HR - Croazia 3
LB - Libano 3
LK - Sri Lanka 3
LU - Lussemburgo 3
PA - Panama 3
SI - Slovenia 3
SV - El Salvador 3
AL - Albania 2
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 2
CM - Camerun 2
CU - Cuba 2
GA - Gabon 2
GH - Ghana 2
IS - Islanda 2
KH - Cambogia 2
KW - Kuwait 2
ME - Montenegro 2
MM - Myanmar 2
PR - Porto Rico 2
VE - Venezuela 2
XK - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.XK??? 2
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AP - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.AP??? 1
BB - Barbados 1
BH - Bahrain 1
BO - Bolivia 1
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Fairfield 1.048
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Seattle 497
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Stockholm 338
Wilmington 288
Buffalo 261
Ann Arbor 249
San Diego 157
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Beijing 140
Modena 93
Chicago 84
Boardman 73
Chongqing 66
Las Vegas 59
Dong Ket 54
Gorredijk 53
Seongnam 53
Dublin 51
Mountain View 49
Shanghai 49
Los Angeles 47
London 46
Lima 45
Milan 45
Ottawa 44
Chengdu 41
Wuhan 41
Melbourne 39
Fleming Island 37
Guangzhou 36
Rome 36
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Southend 34
Madrid 33
Nanjing 33
Munich 32
Paris 32
Bogotá 31
Taipei 31
Council Bluffs 30
Helsinki 30
San Francisco 29
Shenyang 29
Sydney 29
Muizenberg 28
Phoenix 28
Riva 28
Changsha 27
Hangzhou 27
Medellín 27
New York 27
Toronto 27
San Jose 25
Cardiff 24
Dallas 24
Bologna 23
Bremen 23
Jakarta 22
University Park 22
Clearwater 21
Saint Petersburg 21
Cedar Knolls 20
Tokyo 20
Bengaluru 19
Seoul 19
Duncan 18
Parma 18
Frankfurt am Main 17
Nürnberg 17
Singapore 17
Bangkok 16
Henderson 16
Rochester 16
Lanzhou 15
Reggio Emilia 15
Miami 14
Moscow 14
Portland 14
Santiago 14
Silver Spring 14
Berlin 13
Brooklyn 13
Provo 13
Athens 12
Atlanta 12
Changchun 12
Delhi 12
Hanoi 12
Lake Forest 12
Warsaw 12
Washington 12
Amsterdam 11
Birmingham 11
Central District 11
Frankfurt Am Main 11
Totale 8.154
Nome #
Immunomodulators and immunosuppressants for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a network meta-analysis, file e31e124c-728a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 1.724
Prenatal education for congenital toxoplasmosis, file e31e124c-52c3-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 1.320
Selenium for preventing cancer., file e31e124b-2006-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 609
Performance of commerical blood tests for the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection in children and adolescents, file e31e124b-3a48-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 493
Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: The PRISMA Statement, file e31e1250-7dec-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 484
Short-term and long-term effects of tibolone in postmenopausal women, file e31e124c-03b1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 411
Major discrepancies between what clinical trial registries record and paediatric randomised controlled trials publish, file e31e124c-03b6-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 315
Comparison of HER-2 and hormone receptor expression in primary breast cancers and asynchronous paired metastases: impact on patient management, file e31e124d-7fd3-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 307
Antibiotic Prophylaxis to Reduce Respiratory Tract Infections and Mortality in Adults Receiving Intensive Care, file e31e124d-ec02-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 285
Are the Two Human Papillomavirus Vaccines Really Similar? A Systematic Review of Available Evidence: Efficacy of the Two Vaccines against HPV, file e31e124c-4a2b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 222
Diagnostic accuracy of a velcro sound detector (VECTOR) for interstitial lung disease in rheumatoid arthritis patients: The InSPIRAtE validation study (INterStitial pneumonia in rheumatoid ArThritis with an electronic device), file e31e124d-c220-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 217
Effect of expert-patient teaching on empathy in nursing students: a randomized controlled trial, file e31e124d-b7b5-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 204
Antibiotic treatment of severe exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with procalcitonin: A randomized noninferiority trial, file e31e124c-7cc5-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 203
Validation of the AJCC prognostic stage for HER2-positive breast cancer in the ShortHER trial ., file e31e124d-cbc5-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 200
Early awake proning in critical and severe COVID-19 patients undergoing noninvasive respiratory support: A retrospective multicenter cohort study, file e31e124f-481b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 197
Recombinant factor VIIa concentrate versus plasma-derived concentrates for treating acute bleeding episodes in people with haemophilia and inhibitors, file e31e124c-5027-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 194
Short-Term Efficacy of Upper-Extremity Exercise Training in Patients With Chronic Airway Obstruction: A Systematic Review., file e31e124d-c8be-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 192
Expression of ALDH and SOX-2 in Pulmonary Sclerosing Pnemocytoma (PSP) of the Lung: Is There a Meaning Behind?, file e31e124e-6561-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 192
Cancer stem-neuroendocrine cells in an atypical carcinoid case report., file e31e124d-dd21-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 188
Early inspiratory effort assessment by esophageal manometry early predicts noninvasive ventilation outcome in de novo respiratory failure: a pilot study., file e31e124e-5c92-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 183
GD2 expression in breast cancer., file e31e124c-b26e-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 180
Breathlessness, but not cough, suggests chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in elderly smokers with stable heart failure., file e31e124d-75b8-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 177
Selenium for preventing cancer, file e31e124f-3ac4-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 177
Association of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes with distant disease-free survival in the ShortHER randomized adjuvant trial for patients with early HER2+ breast cancer., file e31e124d-ce9b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 174
Pectoralis Muscle Transposition in Association with the Ravitch Procedure in the Management of Severe Pectus Excavatum., file e31e124e-89ac-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 172
Correlating tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and lung cancer stem cells: a cross-sectional study., file e31e124d-daff-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 169
Proteostasis and ALS: Protocol for a phase II, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre clinical trial for colchicine in ALS (Co-ALS), file e31e124d-c17a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 166
Cancer Stem-Like Cells in a Case of an Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Lung., file e31e124e-5422-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 162
Motor and Postural Patterns Concomitant with General Movements Are Associated with Cerebral Palsy at Term and Fidgety Age in Preterm Infants, file e31e124d-ca7b-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 159
Worse global intellectual and worse neuropsychological functioning in preterm-born children at preschool age: a meta-analysis, file e31e1250-0e91-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 157
Large scale genotype-phenotype analyses indicate that novel prognostic tools are required for families with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy., file e31e124b-6bde-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 156
Predictive and prognostic role of p53 according to tumor phenotype in breast cancer patients treated with preoperative chemotherapy: a single-institution analysis, file e31e124d-7fcf-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 148
Are parents of children hospitalized with severe community-acquired pneumonia more satisfied with care when physicians allow them to share decisions on the antibiotic route?, file e31e124e-0e9a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 145
PIK3CA Mutation in the ShortHER Randomized Adjuvant Trial for Patients with Early HER2þ Breast Cancer: Association with Prognosis and Integration with PAM50 Subtype., file e31e124e-7356-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 143
Clinical differences in sarcoidosis patients with and without lymphoma: a single-center retrospective cohort analysis., file e31e124d-bbd3-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 142
Cancer stem cells and macrophages: molecular connections and future perspectives against cancer., file e31e124f-1fb6-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 141
Overall survival in patients with lung adenocarcinoma harboring "niche" mutations: an observational study, file e31e124d-f75a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 140
Use of adjunctive cardiovascular therapy in patients hospitalized for acute exacerbations of COPD., file e31e124d-6c38-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 139
Randomised controlled trial comparing efficacy and safety of high versus low Low-Molecular Weight Heparin dosages in hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia and coagulopathy not requiring invasive mechanical ventilation (COVID-19 HD): A structured summary of a study protocol, file e31e124e-4995-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 138
Isolation and Identification of Cancer Stem-Like Cells in Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung: A Pilot Study, file e31e124e-80c2-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 131
Novel genetic association of TNF-α-238 and PDCD1-7209 polymorphisms with long-term non-progressive HIV-1 infection., file e31e124d-ea5d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 129
Topical antibiotic prophylaxis to reduce respiratory tract infections and mortality in adults receiving mechanical ventilation, file 36968393-9a14-4653-84b3-8e28e7901780 128
Does needle calibre affect pain and complication rates in patients undergoing transperineal prostate biopsy? A prospective, randomized trial, file e31e124d-e068-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 126
Efficacy and safety of extracranial vein angioplasty in multiple sclerosis: A randomized clinical trial, file e31e124e-f874-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 123
ALDH Expression in Angiosarcoma of the Lung: A Potential Marker of Aggressiveness?, file e31e124e-c49c-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 122
Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes., file e31e124e-cc95-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 122
BCR-ABL-specific cytotoxic T cells in the bone marrow of patients with Ph(+) acute lymphoblastic leukemia during second-generation tyrosine-kinase inhibitor therapy., file e31e124e-0900-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 121
Multi-centre, three arm, randomized controlled trial on the use of methylprednisolone and unfractionated heparin in critically ill ventilated patients with pneumonia from SARS-CoV-2 infection: A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial, file e31e124e-88aa-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 121
GREASE II. A phase II randomized, 12-month, parallel-group, superiority study to evaluate the efficacy of a Modified Atkins Diet in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease patients, file e31e124e-9280-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 120
CD44+/EPCAM+ cells detect a subpopulation of ALDHhigh cells in human non-small cell lung cancer: A chance for targeting cancer stem cells?, file e31e124e-4d65-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 118
New Perspectives in Different Gene Expression Profiles for Early and Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Stem Cells., file e31e124f-458a-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 115
Anti-GD2 CAR MSCs against metastatic Ewing's sarcoma, file e31e124f-e4fc-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 111
Prenatal education for congenital toxoplasmosis, file 053b8d9e-6beb-4070-978d-98728e92af1f 110
Efficacy and safety of venous angioplasty of the extracranial veins for multiple sclerosis. Brave Dreams Study (Brain Venous Drainage Exploited Against Multiple Sclerosis): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial., file e31e124e-0d95-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 106
First-trimester prediction model for placental vascular disorders: an observational prospective study, file e31e1250-4dce-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 92
Outpatient parents' views on shared-decision-making at an Italian children's hospital, file e31e124e-c1e1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 91
Erratum: Does needle calibre affect pain and complication rates in patients undergoing transperineal prostate biopsy? A prospective, randomized trial by Giovanni Saredi et al. (Asian Journal of Andrology (2009) 11 (678-682) DOI: 10.1038/aja.2009.43), file e31e124e-1203-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 75
Rapamycin treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis protocol for a phase II randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, clinical trial (RAP-ALS trial), file e31e124f-2ebe-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 70
The impact of tocilizumab on respiratory support states transition and clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients. A Markov model multi-state study, file e31e124f-e3ab-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 68
Cancer stem cells and their microenvironment., file e31e124e-9004-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 56
"It's All COVID's Fault!": Symptoms of Distress among Workers in an Italian General Hospital during the Pandemic, file 6f508296-5990-42f1-acf1-6ecbb4f17c07 48
Immunomodulators and immunosuppressants for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: A network meta-analysis, file e31e1250-7f43-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 38
Early palliative/supportive care in acute myeloid leukaemia allows low aggression end-of-life interventions: Observational outpatient study, file f26d76e4-eeb2-4b82-8342-a1799229b43f 36
Edmonton symptom assessment system Global Distress Score and overall survival in acute leukaemia, file 5257b06f-8337-4322-9b90-4f3598d0aa40 35
Green line hospital-territory study: A single-blind randomized clinical trial for evaluation of technological challenges of continuous wireless monitoring in internal medicine, preliminary results, file e31e1250-7de8-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 35
FETR-ALS Study Protocol: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, file eea28a05-1109-4714-b464-22a2d1b198c5 30
rates of latent tuberculosis infection using different diagnostica test, file e31e124b-4bf1-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 29
Edmonton symptom assessment system global distress score and overall survival among patients with advanced cancer receiving early palliative care, file 60cbd3a4-6a41-4c95-972a-2e84e1b40373 28
9 weeks vs 1 year adjuvant trastuzumab in combination with chemotherapy: final results of the phase III randomized Short-HER study., file e31e124f-89bb-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 26
Immunomodulators and immunosuppressants for multiple sclerosis: a network meta-analysis, file 0fc38fb8-5b27-47fc-af5a-b4c0eb6ffb4e 25
Efficacy of a multiple-component and multifactorial personalized fall prevention program in a mixed population of community-dwelling older adults with stroke, Parkinson's Disease, or frailty compared to usual care: The PRE.C.I.S.A. randomized controlled trial, file 133a32e5-a934-4c58-887e-fb298de15fb1 21
Investigating the association between physicians self-efficacy regarding communication skills and risk of “burnout”, file e31e1250-9a84-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 21
Feasibility, safety, and outcome of second-line nivolumab/bevacizumab in liver transplant patients with recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma, file b657275e-0d0e-4c1c-8a8e-85f7bfcd043d 20
Foot-to-Foot Contact Among Initial Goal-Directed Movements Supports the Prognostic Value of Fidgety Movements in HIE-Cooled Infants, file e31e1250-8593-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 19
Interferon in relapsing -remitting multiple sclerosis, file 8ea37ee4-94a5-45ee-bfca-ce96cf052536 17
Safety and Success of Lumbar Puncture in Young Infants: A Prospective Observational Study, file 6002d184-4017-4776-8401-668f3131d17a 14
Bilateral versus single internal mammary artery bypass grafts for coronary arterial atherosclerosis, file b5e54102-40de-4893-acb9-8d8b5158a961 13
Effects of early vocal contact in the neonatal intensive care unit: Study protocol for a multi-centre, randomised clinical trial, file 0f8e9dc7-1cb9-4fb2-8672-0157e2065a6c 12
Role Of The QFT-IT Assay For The Diagnosis Of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among Adult Immigrants, file e31e124c-ac61-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 8
Cancer Stem Cells and Cell Cycle Genes as Independent Predictors of Relapse in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Secondary Analysis of a Prospective Study, file 22b0f35a-a22e-4ae1-87c6-2ddc23c20859 6
Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of rapamycin in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, file b892b197-c048-4041-8df0-56b97414a804 6
Pattern of distant relapse according to intrinsic molecular subtype in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer: a combined analysis of ShortHER, CherLOB, and two institutional cohorts, file bf213bec-1647-46b0-a203-20d776629dcd 6
Efficacy and safety of human papillomavirus vaccination in HIV-infected patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis, file 7cd5f2c7-a20c-490b-bf52-d20084e4fc1f 5
A first trimester prediction model for large for gestational age infants: a preliminary study, file 7b72b888-5d41-4a8b-a176-24eca6e392bd 4
Prevalence of uterine rupture among women with one prior low transverse cesarean and women with unscarred uterus undergoing labor induction with pge2: A systematic review and meta-Analysis, file c8dec6a8-cd05-4289-927c-ca35bfe2efa8 4
Risk for cardiovascular events in an Italian population of patients with type 2 diabetes, file e31e124a-a1e0-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Worse global intellectual and worse neuropsychological functioning in preterm-born children at preschool age: a meta-analysis, file e31e124f-0720-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 4
Usefulness of automated breast volume scanner (ABVS) for monitoring tumor response to neoadjuvant treatment in breast cancer patients: preliminary results, file 7e026c34-7d6d-412d-9ec3-c2787022229a 3
Capillaroscopic Skin Ulcers Risk Index (CSURI) calculated with different videocapillaroscopy devices: how its predictive values change, file e31e124a-a5e9-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 3
Analgesia and endocrine surgical stress: effect of two analgesia protocols on cortisol and prolactin levels during abdominal aortic aneurysm endovascular repair., file e31e124a-b16f-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 3
Cerebrospinal fluid oligoclonal IgM bands predict early conversion to clinically definite multiple sclerosis in patients with Clinically Isolated Syndrome., file e31e124b-22e2-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 3
Adjunctive IgM-enriched immunoglobulin therapy with a personalised dose based on serum igm-titres versus standard dose in the treatment of septic shock: A randomised controlled trial (igm-fat trial), file e6fee7b3-ddb9-4d2a-a5fb-8990e13920ee 3
Erlotinib for advanced pancreatic cancer, file f7ccc54d-d3ec-4e1f-9212-fd5da253ff58 3
Early palliative care versus usual haematological care in multiple myeloma: retrospective cohort study, file 87808eec-8510-4fbe-9b8e-cfe94398dff4 2
Introduction and methods of the evidence-based guidelines for the diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorder by the Italian National Institute of Health, file 8b9cec73-8bd2-49a4-8051-c289a5b86d92 2
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in HIV-Infected Patients Referred to a Metabolic Clinic: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Predictors, file e31e124a-9a9d-987f-e053-3705fe0a095a 2
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