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Bayesian multi-modal model comparison: A case study on the generators of the spike and the wave in generalized spike-wave complexes 1-gen-2010 Daunizeau, Jean; Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Lemieux, Louis
Adult-onset Rasmussen's encephalitis: the crucial role of the mesiotemporal-opercular-insular network in determining a common electroclinical pattern 1-gen-2010 Casciato, S; Di Bonaventura, C; Fattouch, J; Di Gennaro, G; Quarato, Pp; Lapenta, L; Vaudano, Ae; Esposito, V; Manfredi, M; Prencipe, M; Giallonardo, At.
Activity in the precuneus gates generalizes spike-and-wave discharges - an example of the interaction of resting state brain activity and epileptiform events 1-gen-2010 Laufs, H; Vaudano, Ae; Carmichael, Dw; Thornton, R; Rodionov, R; Kiebel, S; Lemieux, L
Imaging haemodynamic changes related to seizures: Comparison of EEG-based general linear model, independent component analysis of fMRI and intracranial EEG 1-gen-2010 Thornton, R. C.; Rodionov, R.; Laufs, H.; Vulliemoz, S.; Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Carmichael, D.; Cannadathu, S.; Guye, M.; Mcevoy, A.; Lhatoo, S.; Bartolomei, F.; Chauvel, P.; Diehl, B.; De Martino, F.; Elwes, R. D. C.; Walker, M. C.; Duncan, J. S.; Lemieux, L.
Diagnostic challenges of de novo epilepsy in elderly: a 2 years prospective study. 1-gen-2011 Vaudano, Ae; Scaldeferri, N; Di Clemente, L; Santroni, G; De Luca, L; Ferraccioli, ; Di Bonaventura, C; Giallonardo, At; Gregori, B.
The effect of generalized spike and waves discharge duration and IGE sub-syndrome on brain networks as revelaed by EEG/fMRI 1-gen-2012 Pugnaghi, M; Carmichael, Dw; Vaudano, Ae; Chaudhary, Uj; Benuzzi, F; DI BONAVENTURA, C; Giallonardo, At; Rodionov, R; Walker, Mc; Duncan, J; Meletti, S; Lemieux, L
Networks involved in seizure initiation a reading epilepsy case studied with EEG-fMRI and MEG 1-gen-2012 Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Carmichael, David W.; Salek Haddadi, Afraim; Rampp, Stefan; Stefan, Hermann; Lemieux, Louis; Koepp, Matthias J.
Ictal haemodynamic changes in a patient affected by "subtle" Epilepsia Partialis Continua 1-gen-2012 Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Di Bonaventura, Carlo; Carni, Marco; Rodionov, Roman; Lapenta, Leonardo; Casciato, Sara; Fattouch, Jinane; Egeo, Gabriella; Pantano, Patrizia; Nucciarelli, Valter; Maraviglia, Bruno; Prencipe, Massimiliano; Lemieux, Louis; Giallonardo, Anna Teresa
A novel method for the classification of interictal EEG abnormalities in partial epilepsy: an EEG/fMRI validation study 1-gen-2012 Vaudano, Ae; Pedreira, C; Thornton, R; Chaudhary, Uj; Vulliemoz, S; Laufs, H; Rodionov, R; Quiroga, Rq; Lemieux, L
Generalized spike-and-wave discharges offset is related to precuneal-posterior cingulate activity. 1-gen-2013 Benuzzi, Francesca; Zuccheli, M.; Ferrari, E.; Vaudano, A. E.; Ruggieri, Andrea; Mirandola, Laura; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; Meletti, Stefano
Investigation of the brain networks underlying eye closure sensitivity in Jeavons syndrome and healthy subjects: an EEG-fMRI study 1-gen-2013 Vaudano, Ae; Avanzini, P; Ruggieri, ; Cantalupo, G; Di Bonaventura, C; Nichelli, ; Benuzzi, F; Meletti, S.
An electrophysiological validation of stochastic DCM for fMRI 1-gen-2013 Daunizeau, J.; Lemieux, L.; Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Friston, K. J.; Stephan, K. E.
Centrotemporal spikes during NREM sleep: The promoting action of thalamus revealed by simultaneous EEG and fMRI coregistration 1-gen-2013 Mirandola, Laura; Gaetano, Cantalupo; Vaudano, ANNA ELISABETTA; Pietro, Avanzini; Ruggieri, Andrea; Francesco, Pisani; Giuseppe, Cossu; Carlo Alberto, Tassinari; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; Benuzzi, Francesca; Meletti, Stefano
Causality within the Epileptic Network: An EEG-fMRI Study Validated by Intracranial EEG 1-gen-2013 Anna Elisabetta, Vaudano; Avanzini, Pietro; Laura, Tassi; Ruggieri, Andrea; Gaetano, Cantalupo; Benuzzi, Francesca; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; Louis, Lemieux; Meletti, Stefano
Classification of EEG abnormalities in partial epilepsy with simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings 1-gen-2014 Pedreira, C.; Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Thornton, R. C.; Chaudhary, U. J.; Vulliemoz, S.; Laufs, H.; Rodionov, R.; Carmichael, D. W.; Lhatoo, S. D.; Guye, M.; Quian Quiroga, R.; Lemieux, L.
Clinical experience with intravenous valproate as first-line treatment of status epilepticus and seizure clusters in selected populations 1-gen-2014 Lapenta, Leonardo; Morano, Alessandra; Casciato, Sara; Fanella, Martina; Fattouch, Jinane; Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta; Gregori, Bruno; Vanacore, Nicola; Manfredi, Mario; Giallonardo, Anna Teresa; Di Bonaventura, Carlo
Generalized Spike and Waves: Effect of Discharge Duration on Brain Networks as Revealed by BOLD fMRI. 1-gen-2014 Pugnaghi, M.; Carmichael, D. W.; Vaudano, A. E.; Chaudhary, U. J.; Benuzzi, Francesca; Bonaventura, C. D.; Giallonardo, A. T.; Rodionov, R.; Walker, M. C.; Duncan, J. S.; Meletti, Stefano; Lemieux, L.
Low frequency mu-like activity characterizes cortical rhythms in epilepsy due to ring chromosome 20. 1-gen-2014 P., Avanzini; A. E., Vaudano; A., Vignoli; Ruggieri, Andrea; Benuzzi, Francesca; F., Darra; M., Mastrangelo; B. D., Bernardina; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; M. P., Canevini; Meletti, Stefano
The visual system in eyelid myoclonia with absences 1-gen-2014 Vaudano, ANNA ELISABETTA; Ruggieri, Andrea; Tondelli, Manuela; Avanzini, Pietro; Benuzzi, Francesca; Giuliana, Gessaroli; Gaetano, Cantalupo; Massimo, Mastrangelo; Aglaia, Vignoli; Carlo Di Bonaventura, ; Maria Paola Canevini, ; Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, ; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; Meletti, Stefano
Epilepsy-related brain networks in ring chromosome 20 syndrome: An EEG-fMRI study 1-gen-2014 Vaudano, ANNA ELISABETTA; Ruggieri, Andrea; Aglaia, Vignoli; Avanzini, Pietro; Benuzzi, Francesca; Giuliana, Gessaroli; Nichelli, Paolo Frigio; Francesca, Darra; Gaetano, Cantalupo; Massimo, Mastrangelo; Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, ; Maria Paola Canevini, ; Meletti, Stefano
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 101
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