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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Targeting Welfare in Italy: Old Problems and Perspectives of Reform 1-gen-2000 Baldini, M.; Bosi, P.; Toso, S.
Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Italy: Structure and Changes at National and Regional Level 1-gen-1999 Russo, M.; Mengoni, P.
Technological Modelling for Graphical Models: an approach based on genetic algorithms 1-gen-2002 Roverato, A.; Paterlini, S.
Technology Shocks and the Response of Hours Worked: Time-Varying Dynamics Matter 1-gen-2006 Gambetti, L.
Ten Years ofECB Activity: Monetary Policy Reaction Functions in the Euro Area 1-gen-2008 Ribba, A.
The Attractiveness of Countries for FDI.A Fuzzy Approach 1-gen-2010 Murat, Marina Giovanna; Pirotti, Tommaso
The Distribution of the Gender Wage Gap in Italy: Does Education Matter? 1-gen-2007 Addabbo, Tindara; Favaro, D; Magrini, S.
The distributive impact of tax evasion in Italy 1-gen-2007 Mantovani, Daniela; S., Nienadowska
The Enfranchisement of Women and the Welfare State 1-gen-2007 Bertocchi, G.
The gender impact of workfare policies in Italy and the effect of unpaid work 1-gen-2000 Addabbo, Tindara; Baldini, Massimo
The hub continent? Immigrant networks, emigrant diasporas and FDI 1-gen-2010 Murat, Marina Giovanna; Flisi, Sara
The interaction between parents and children as a relevant dimension of child well being. The case of Italy 1-gen-2008 Addabbo, Tindara; Facchinetti, Gisella; Maccagnan, A.; Mastroleo, G.; Pirotti, Tommaso
The skew pattern of implied volatility in the DAX-index options market 1-gen-2009 Muzzioli, Silvia
The Theory of the Gold Standard andRicardo's Standard Commodity 1-gen-1986 Marcuzzo, M. C.
Three-Types Models of Multidimensional Screening 1-gen-2005 Brighi, Luigi; M., D'Amato
Time and Equilibrium, Two Elusive Guests in the Keynes-Hawtrey-Robertson Debate in the Thirties 1-gen-1997 Pastrello, G.
Time Series and Data Clustering with Evolutionary Approaches 1-gen-2001 Paterlini, S.; Pattarin, F.; Minerva, T.
Tir, Roe e Van: Distorsioni Linguistiche e Cognitive nella Valutazione degli Investimenti 1-gen-1997 Magni, c. a.
To what extent fuzzy set theory and structural equation modelling can measure functionings? An application to child well being 1-gen-2004 Addabbo, Tindara; DI TOMMASO, M. L.; Facchinetti, G.
Mostrati risultati da 509 a 528 di 576
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