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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The impact of microclimate strategies for the improvement of indoor air quality on well-being and productivity of industrial workers 1-gen-2021 Caporale, A.; Botti, L.; Galizia, F.; Mora, C.; Bortolini, M.; Ferrari, E.
Including energy saving in planning and scheduling. A case study 1-gen-2022 Bertolini, M.; Galli, M.; Mezzogori, D.; Neroni, M.
An international partnership for the sustainable development of municipal solid waste management in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa 1-gen-2016 Ferrari, Katia; Cerise, Streng; Gamberini, Rita; Rimini, Bianca
Introducing new RFID-enabled indicators to evaluate the performance of fashion retailers 1-gen-2017 Bertolini, M.; Maggiali, L.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.; Volpi, A.
Life cycle assessment of a commercial refrigeration system under different use configurations 1-gen-2013 Cascini, A.; Bortolini, M.; Botti, L.; Gamberi, M.; Graziani, A.; Mora, C.
A manpower allocation problem with layout considerations 1-gen-2014 Zeppetella, Luca; Gebennini, Elisa; Grassi, Andrea; Rimini, Bianca
A meta-analysis of industry 4.0-related technologies that are suitable for lean manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Bertolini, M.; Esposito, G.; Neroni, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.
A methodology for estimating the operating costs of production lines 1-gen-2017 Gebennini, E.; Grassi, A.; Rimini, B.
On demand printing with Additive Manufacturing (AM) for spare parts: scenarios for the insourcing of a 3D Printer 1-gen-2022 Coruzzolo, A. M.; Lolli, F.; Balugani, E.; Rimini, B.
On Reinforcement Learning in production control and its potentiality in manufacturing 1-gen-2021 Marchesano, M. G.; Guizzi, G.; Castellano, D.; Di Nardo, M.
On the use of Serious Games in Operations Management: an investigation on connections between students' game performance and final evaluation 1-gen-2022 Esposito, G.; Galli, M.; Mezzogori, D.; Reverberi, D.; Romagnoli, G.
An operational framework for the definition of the supply chain strategies in ETO environments 1-gen-2021 Bertolini, M.; Neroni, M.; Oliva, M.
Order picking: A comparison of heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches 1-gen-2020 Bertolini, M.; Melloni, R.; Neroni, M.
Participative ergonomics for the improvement of occupational health and safety in industry: a focus group-based approach 1-gen-2019 Mosconi, S.; Melloni, R.; Oliva, Maniva; Botti, Lucia
Perishable products supply chains: Research trends over the last decade 1-gen-2018 Baruffaldi, G.; Accorsi, R.; Botti, L.; Galizia, F. G.; Tufano, A.
Resizing the Workforce for Picking Activity: Application in the Fashion Sector 1-gen-2021 Coruzzolo, A. M.; Lolli, F.; Montanari, V.; Ciampi, T.
A review of RFID based solutions for indoor localization and location-based classification of tags 1-gen-2021 Esposito, G.; Mezzogori, D.; Neroni, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, Giovanni; Rosa, Mirko
RFID smart data analysis for reading discrimination and direction detection 1-gen-2017 Bertolini, M.; Rizzi, A.; Romagnoli, G.; Volpi, A.
A survey analysis on sustainable practices in cold supply chains 1-gen-2020 Bertolini, M.; Bottani, E.; Casella, G.; Tebaldi, L.
Sustainability of logistics infrastructures: operational and technological alternatives to reduce the impact on air quality 1-gen-2021 Marinello, S.; Balugani, E.; Rimini, B.
Mostrati risultati da 17 a 36 di 38
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