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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Comparison between two combustion chambers for a motorcycle racing engine 1-gen-2000 Mattarelli, Enrico
Comparison between V12 and W12 F1 engines 1-gen-1998 Mattarelli, Enrico; A., Marchetti
"Comparison of V10 and V12 F1 Engines" 1-gen-1998 A. A., Boretti; Cantore, Giuseppe
Effects of Relative Port Orientation on the In-Cylinder Flow Patterns in a Small Unit Displacement HSDI Diesel Engine 1-gen-2005 Cantore, Giuseppe; Fontanesi, Stefano; Gagliardi, Vincenzo; Malaguti, Simone
Experimental and theoretical analysis of a Diesel fuel injection system 1-gen-1999 A. A., Boretti; Cantore, Giuseppe; Mattarelli, Enrico
Integration of 3D-CFD and Engine Cycle Simulations: Application to An Intake Plenum 1-gen-2001 Borghi, Massimo; Mattarelli, Enrico; Montorsi, Luca
A new concept of supercharging applied to high speed DI Diesel engines 1-gen-2001 Cantore, Giuseppe; Mattarelli, Enrico; Fontanesi, Stefano
Numerical optimization of a racing engine with variable intake and exhaust geometry and valve actuation 1-gen-1996 A. A., Boretti; Borghi, Massimo; Cantore, Giuseppe; Mattarelli, Enrico
On the applications of low-reynolds cubic k-ε turbulence Models in 3D simulations of ICE intake flows 1-gen-2003 Bianchi, G. M.; Fontanesi, Stefano
Similarity rules and parametric design of race engines 1-gen-2000 Boretti, A.; Cantore, Giuseppe
Thermo-mechanical analysis of an engine head by means of integrated CFD and FEM 1-gen-2007 Fontanesi, Stefano; Carpentiero, Davide; Gagliardi, Vincenzo; Malaguti, Simone; Margini, Stefano; Giacopini, Matteo; Strozzi, Antonio; L., Arnone; M., Bonanni; D., Franceschini
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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