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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
MSC/Caltech Collaborations with Industry an Catalysis Technologies 1-gen-1999 W. A., GODDARD III; Faglioni, Francesco; J., Kua; D., Phillip; M., Feldmann
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Functional Groups: Substituted Alkanes and Alkanols on Graphite 1-gen-2001 N. S., Lewis; C. L., Claypool; W. A., GODDARD III; Faglioni, Francesco; H. B., Gray; R. A., Marcus
Simulation and Design of Materials - Applications to Polymers, Ceramics, Semiconductors, and Catalysis 1-gen-1994 W. A., Goddard; K. T., Lim; M., Belmares; Y., Guo; X., Chen; Faglioni, Francesco
Structure-based inhibitor design vs. beta-lactamase 1-gen-2005 Shoichet, B; Tondi, Donatella; Morandi, F; Babaoglu, K.
Theoretical-studies of Metallocene Polymerization Catalysts 1-gen-1996 W. A., Goddard; C., Brandow; Faglioni, Francesco; E. P., Bierwagen
Transition states for homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, including stereoselective polymerizations and for metathesis. 1-gen-1998 W. A., Goddard; C., Brandow; C., Kankel; J., Sefcik; Faglioni, Francesco
Tutorial: Case studies in the use of density functional theory for transition metal systems, with an emphasis on heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, metal alloys, and transition metal oxides. 1-gen-2000 Goddard, Wa; Muller, R; Strachan, A; Kua, J; Faglioni, F; Philipp, D; Feldmann, M; Chakraborty, D; Jang, Yh; Xu, X; Blanco, M; Tang, Y; Cagin, T
Why molecules look the way they do in STM: A systematic functional group approach. 1-gen-1998 C. L., Claypool; N. S., Lewis; Faglioni, Francesco; W. A., Goddard; H. B., Gray; R. A., Marcus
Mostrati risultati da 4 a 11 di 11
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