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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Bright-field TEM imaging of single molecules: Dream or near future? 1-gen-2007 Malac, M; Beleggia, M; Egerton, R; Zhu, Ym
Characterization of JEOL 2100F Lorentz-TEM for low-magnification electron holography and magnetic imaging 1-gen-2008 Schofield, Ma; Beleggia, M; Zhu, Y; Pozzi, G
Charging of carbon thin films in scanning and phase-plate transmission electron microscopy 1-gen-2018 Hettler, S.; Kano, E.; Dries, M.; Gerthsen, D.; Pfaffmann, L.; Bruns, M.; Beleggia, M.; Malac, M.
Convenient contrast enhancement by a hole-free phase plate 1-gen-2012 Malac, M; Beleggia, M; Kawasaki, M; Li, P; Egerton, Rf
Elastic and inelastic electrons in the double-slit experiment: A variant of Feynman's which-way set-up 1-gen-2015 Frabboni, Stefano; Gazzadi, Gian Carlo; Grillo, Vincenzo; Pozzi, Giulio
Electon spectroscopic imaging of dopant precipitation and segregation in silicon 1-gen-1991 Frabboni, Stefano; Lulli, G; MERLI P., G; Migliori, A; Bauer, R.
Electron optical phase-shifts by Fourier methods: Analytical versus numerical calculations 1-gen-2005 Fazzini, R; Pozzi, G; Beleggia, M
Electron-beam-induced charging of an Al2O3 nanotip studied using off-axis electron holography 1-gen-2022 Zheng, F.; Beleggia, M.; Migunov, V.; Pozzi, G.; Dunin-Borkowski, R. E.
Focused ion beam-nanomachined probes for improved electric force microscopy 1-gen-2005 C., Menozzi; Gazzadi, G. C.; Alessandrini, Andrea; P., Facci
Four slits interference and diffraction experiments 1-gen-2010 Frabboni, Stefano; Frigeri, C.; Gazzadi, Gc; Pozzi, G.
Generation and application of bessel beams in electron microscopy 1-gen-2016 Grillo, Vincenzo; Harris, Jérémie; Gazzadi, Gian Carlo; Balboni, Roberto; Mafakheribashmagh, Erfan; Dennis, Mark R.; Frabboni, Stefano; Boyd, Robert W.; Karimi, Ebrahim
Image simulations of kinked vortices for transmission electron microscopy 1-gen-2010 Beleggia, M; Pozzi, G; Tonomura, A
Imaging of radiation-sensitive samples in transmission electron microscopes equipped with Zernike phase plates 1-gen-2008 Malac, M; Beleggia, M; Egerton, R; Zhu, Ym
Investigation of gas-electron interactions with electron holography 1-gen-2021 Hyllested, J. AE.; Beleggia, M.
Investigation of strain distribution in LOCOS structures by dynamical simulation of LACBED patterns 1-gen-1999 Wu, F; Armigliato, A; Balboni, R; Frabboni, Stefano
Low-dose performance of parallel-beam nanodiffraction 1-gen-2008 Malac, M; Beleggia, M; Taniguchi, Y; Egerton, Rf; Zhu, Y
Observations of electrostatic field by electron holography: the case of reverse-biased p-n junctions 1-gen-1987 Frabboni, Stefano; G. MATTEUCCI AND G., Pozzi
On the calculation of the phase shift of superconducting fluxons: from the isolated to the lattice case 1-gen-2000 Beleggia, M; Pozzi, G
On the transport of intensity technique for phase retrieval 1-gen-2004 Beleggia, M; Schofield, Ma; Volkov, Vv; Zhu, Y
Patterning pentacene surfaces by local oxidation nanolithography 1-gen-2010 N. S., Losilla; J., Martinez; E., Bystrenova; P., Greco; Biscarini, Fabio; R., Garcia
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