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Automatic application partitioning on FPGA/CPU systems based on detailed low-level information 1-gen-2006 Busonera, Giovanni; Marongiu, Andrea; Carta, Salvatore; Raffo, Luigi
Lightweight barrier-based parallelization support for non-cache-coherent MPSoC platforms 1-gen-2007 Marongiu, A.; Benini, L.; Kandemir, M.
Analysis of Power Management Strategies for a Large-Scale SoC Platform in 65nm Technology 1-gen-2008 Marongiu, Andrea; Acquaviva, Andrea; Benini, Luca; Bartolini, Andrea
OpenMP Support for NBTI-Induced Aging Tolerance in MPSoCs 1-gen-2009 Marongiu, A.; Acquaviva, A.; Benini, L.
Efficient OpenMP support and extensions for MPSoCs with explicitly managed memory hierarchy 1-gen-2009 Marongiu, A.; Benini, L.
Exploring programming model-driven QoS support for NoC-based platforms 1-gen-2010 Joven, J.; Marongiu, A.; Angiolini, F.; Benini, L.; DE MICHELI, G.
Scalable instruction set simulator for thousand-core architectures running on GPGPUs 1-gen-2010 Raghav, S.; Ruggiero, M.; Atienza, D.; Pinto, C.; Marongiu, A.; Benini, L.
Vertical stealing: robust, locality-aware do-all workload distribution for 3D MPSoCs 1-gen-2010 Marongiu, A.; Burgio, P.; Benini, L.
Evaluating OpenMP Support Costs on MPSoCs 1-gen-2010 Marongiu, Andrea; Burgio, Paolo; Benini, Luca
Efficient OpenMP data mapping for multicore platforms with vertically stacked memory 1-gen-2010 Marongiu, Andrea; Ruggiero, M.; Benini, Luca
GPGPU-Accelerated Parallel and Fast Simulation of Thousand-core Platforms 1-gen-2011 Pinto, C.; Raghav, S.; Marongiu, A.; Ruggiero, M.; Atienza, D.; Benini, L.
Exploring Instruction caching strategies for tightly-coupled shared-memory clusters 1-gen-2011 Bortolotti, D.; Paterna, F.; Pinto, C.; Marongiu, A.; Ruggiero, M.; Benini, L.
MPOpt-Cell: a high-performance data-flow programming environment for the CELL BE processor 1-gen-2011 Franceschelli, A.; Burgio, P.; Tagliavini, G.; Marongiu, A.; Ruggiero, M.; Lombardi, M.; Bonfietti, A.; Milano, M.; Benini, L.
Supporting OpenMP on a multi-cluster embedded MPSoC 1-gen-2011 Marongiu, A.; Burgio, P.; Benini, L.
SoC-TM: Integrated HW/SW Support for Transactional Memory Programming on Embedded MPSoCs 1-gen-2011 C., Ferri; Marongiu, Andrea; B., Lipton; I. R., Bahar; Benini, Luca; M., Herlihy; T., Moreshet
OpenMP-based Synergistic Parallelization and HW Acceleration for On-Chip Shared-Memory Clusters 1-gen-2012 Burgio, Paolo; Marongiu, Andrea; D., Heller; C., Chavet; P., Coussy; Benini, Luca
Full system simulation of many-core heterogeneous SoCs using GPU and QEMU semihosting 1-gen-2012 S., Raghav; Marongiu, Andrea; Pinto, Christian; D., Atienza; Ruggiero, Martino; Benini, Luca
Low-overhead barrier synchronization for openmp-like parallelism on the single-chip cloud computer 1-gen-2012 Al-Khalissi, H.; Marongiu, A.; Berekovic, M.
Design of a collective communication infrastructure for barrier synchronization in cluster-based nanoscale MPSoCs 1-gen-2012 Abellan, J. L.; Fernandez, J.; Acacio, M. E.; Bertozzi, Davide; Bortolotti, Daniele; Marongiu, Andrea; Benini, Luca
A Tightly-Coupled Multi-Core Cluster with Shared-Memory HW Accelerators 1-gen-2012 M., Dehyadegari; Marongiu, Andrea; Kakoee, Mohammad Reza; Benini, Luca; S., Mohammadi; N., Yazdani
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