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CityLog - Sustainability and efficiency of city logistics: The M-BBX (Modular BentoBox System) 1-gen-2011 Dell'Amico, M.; Deloof, W.; Hadjidimitriou, N.; Vernet, G.; Schoenewolf, W.
Innovative Logistics Model and Containers Solution for Efficient Last Mile Delivery 1-gen-2012 Dell’Amico, Mauro; Hadjidimitriou, Selini
Assessing the consistency between observed and modelled route choices through GPS data 1-gen-2015 Hadjidimitriou, Natalia; Dell'Amico, Mauro; Cantelmo, Guido; Viti, Francesco
A Framework for Appraising European Member States' Readiness Level for eCall Deployment 1-gen-2015 Hadjidimitriou, N.; Oorni, R.
An analysis of drivers route choice behaviour using GPS data and optimal alternatives 1-gen-2016 Ciscal Terry, Wilner; Dell'Amico, Mauro; Hadjidimitriou, Natalia Selini; Iori, Manuel
Classification of Livebus arrivals user behavior 1-gen-2017 Hadjidimitriou, N.; Mamei, M.; Dell'Amico, M.; Kaparias, I.
Forecasting natural gas flows in large networks 1-gen-2018 Dell'Amico, M.; Hadjidimitriou, N. S.; Koch, T.; Petkovic, M.
Decentralized Service Platform for Interoperable Electro-Mobility Services Throughout Europe 1-gen-2020 Masuch, Nils; Eryilmaz, Elif; Küster, Tobias; Pletat, Udo; Fähndrich, Johannes; Theodoropoulos, Thodoris; Koukovini, Mariza; Hadjidimitriou, Natalia Selini; Dellas, Nikolaos
Machine Learning for Severity Classification of Accidents Involving Powered Two Wheelers 1-gen-2020 Hadjidimitriou, N. S.; Dell'Amico, M.; Lippi, M.; Skiera, A.
Assessing the Impact of Shared L-Category Electric Vehicles in six European cities 1-gen-2020 Dell'Amico, M.; Hadjidimitriou, N. S.; Renzi, G.
Mathematical optimization for efficient and robust energy networks 1-gen-2021 Hadjidimitriou, N.; Frangioni, A.; Koch, T.; Lodi, A.
A Data Driven Approach to Match Demand and Supply for Public Transport Planning 1-gen-2021 Hadjidimitriou, Natalia; Lippi, Marco; Mamei, Marco
Enhancing port’s competitiveness thanks to 5G enabled applications and services 1-gen-2021 Porelli, Andrea; Hadjidimitriou, Natalia; Rosano, Mariangela; Musso, Stefano
Preface 1-gen-2021 Hadjidimitriou, N.; Frangioni, A.; Koch, T.; Lodi, A.
Developing a meta-model for early-stage overheating risk assessment for new apartments in London 1-gen-2022 Botti, A.; Leach, M.; Lawson, M.; Hadjidimitriou, N.
Innovative Business Models in Ports' Logistics 1-gen-2022 Musso, S.; Perboli, G.; Apruzzese, M.; Renzi, G.; Hadjidimitriou, N.
Activity Imputation of Shared e-Bikes Travels in Urban Areas 1-gen-2022 Hadjidimitriou, N. S.; Lippi, M.; Mamei, M.
A hybrid approach for high precision prediction of gas flows 1-gen-2022 Petkovic, M.; Chen, Y.; Gamrath, I.; Gotzes, U.; Hadjidimitriou, N.; Zittel, J.; Xu, X.; Koch, T.
Using mobile phone data to map evacuation and displacement: a case study of the central Italy earthquake 1-gen-2023 Giardini, F.; Hadjidimitriou, N. S.; Mamei, M.; Bastardi, G.; Codeluppi, N.; Pancotto, F.
Machine learning for activity pattern detection 1-gen-2023 Hadjidimitriou, N.; Cantelmo, G.; Antoniou, C.
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