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CLA production and accumulation by bifidobacteria. 1-gen-2012 Rossi, Maddalena; Quartieri, Andrea; Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Leonardi, Alan
Potential Impact of Probiotic Consumption on the Bioactivity of Dietary Phytochemicals 1-gen-2013 Rossi, Maddalena; Amaretti, Alberto; Leonardi, Alan; Raimondi, Stefano; Simone, Marta; Quartieri, Andrea
Isolation of carotenoid-producing yeasts from an alpine glacier 1-gen-2014 Amaretti, Alberto; Simone, Marta; Quartieri, Andrea; Masino, Francesca; Raimondi, Stefano; Leonardi, Alan; Rossi, Maddalena
The probiotic Bifidobacterium breve B632 inhibited the growth of Enterobacteriaceae within colicky infant microbiota cultures 1-gen-2014 Simone, Marta; Gozzoli, Caterina; Quartieri, Andrea; Mazzola, Giuseppe; Di Gioia, Diana; Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Rossi, Maddalena
In vitro transformation of chlorogenic acid by human gut microbiota 1-gen-2014 Francisco, Tomas Barberan; Rocío, García Villalba; Quartieri, Andrea; Raimondi, Stefano; Amaretti, Alberto; Leonardi, Alan; Rossi, Maddalena
Role of bifidobacteria in the hydrolysis of chlorogenic acid 1-gen-2015 Raimondi, Stefano; Anighoro, Andrew; Quartieri, Andrea; Amaretti, Alberto; Tomás Barberán, Francisco A.; Rastelli, Giulio; Rossi, Maddalena
Hydrolysis of the rutinose-conjugates flavonoids rutin and hesperidin by the gut microbiota and bifidobacteria 1-gen-2015 Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Leonardi, Alan; Quartieri, Andrea; Rossi, Maddalena
Comparison of culture-dependent and independent approaches to characterize fecal bifidobacteria and lactobacilli 1-gen-2016 Quartieri, Andrea; Simone, Marta; Gozzoli, Caterina; Popovic, Mina; D'Auria, Giuseppe; Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Rossi, Maddalena
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Production by Bifidobacteria: Screening, Kinetic, and Composition 1-gen-2016 Raimondi, Stefano; Amaretti, Alberto; Leonardi, Alan; Quartieri, Andrea; Gozzoli, Caterina; Rossi, Maddalena
Wheat bran promotes enrichment within the human colonic microbiota of butyrate-producing bacteria that release ferulic acid 1-gen-2016 Duncan, Sylvia H.; Russell, Wendy R.; Quartieri, Andrea; Rossi, Maddalena; Parkhill, Julian; Walker, Alan W.; Flint, Harry J.
Detection of novel metabolites of flaxseed lignans in vitro and in vivo 1-gen-2016 Quartieri, Andrea; García Villalba, Rocío; Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Leonardi, Alan; Rossi, Maddalena; Tomàs Barberàn, Francisco
Elimination of Salmonella cross-contamination on eggs using antimicrobial coating 1-gen-2017 DE LEO, Riccardo; Francesca, Diazzi; Quartieri, Andrea; Pulvirenti, Andrea
Characterization of the peptide fraction from digested Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and its effect on growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria 1-gen-2017 Bottari, Benedetta; Quartieri, Andrea; Prandi, Barbara; Raimondi, Stefano; Leonardi, Alan; Rossi, Maddalena; Ulrici, Alessandro; Gatti, Monica; Sforza, Stefano; Nocetti, Marco; Amaretti, Alberto
Comparison of formula-fed infants with and without colic revealed significant differences in total bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae and faecal ammonia 1-gen-2017 Savino, Francesco; Quartieri, Andrea; De Marco, Angela; Garro, Maria; Amaretti, Alberto; Raimondi, Stefano; Simone, Marta; Rossi, Maddalena
Application of pectin-alginate and pectin-alginate-laurolyl arginate ethyl coatings to eliminate Salmonella enteritidis cross contamination in egg shells 1-gen-2018 DE LEO, Riccardo; Quartieri, Andrea; Haghighi, Hossein; Gigliano, Silvia; Bedin, Elisa; Pulvirenti, Andrea
Exploring the Microbial Community of Traditional Sourdoughs to Select Yeasts and Lactic Acid Bacteria 1-gen-2020 Iosca, Giovanna; Vero, Luciana De; Gullo, Maria; Licciardello, Fabio; Quartieri, Andrea; Pulvirenti, Andrea
Efficacy of an antifungal edible coating for the quality maintenance of Tarocco orange fruit during cold storage 1-gen-2021 Strano, Maria Concetta; Restuccia, Cristina; De Leo, Riccardo; Mangiameli, Solidea; Bedin, Elisa; Allegra, Maria; Quartieri, Andrea; Cirvilleri, Gabriella; Pulvirenti, Andrea
Impact of low‐dose gaseous ozone treatment to reduce the growth of in vitro broth cultures of foodborne pathogenic/spoilage bacteria in a food storage cold chamber 1-gen-2021 Bigi, Francesco; Haghighi, Hossein; Quartieri, Andrea; De Leo, Riccardo; Pulvirenti, Andrea
The Green Era of Food Packaging: General Considerations and New Trends 1-gen-2022 Maurizzi, Enrico; Bigi, Francesco; Quartieri, Andrea; De Leo, Riccardo; Volpelli, Luisa Antonella; Pulvirenti, Andrea
Non-thermal techniques and the “hurdle” approach: How is food technology evolving? 1-gen-2023 Bigi, Francesco; Maurizzi, Enrico; Quartieri, Andrea; De Leo, Riccardo; Gullo, Maria; Pulvirenti, Andrea
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