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Empowerment and Motivational Persistence in Organizations (Italy- Romania) / Empowerment şi persistenţă motivaţională. Studiu intercultural România – Italia 1-gen-2009 Ungureanu, Paula
The Concept of Motivational Persistence – definitions, development and research arguments / Conceptul de persistenţă: definiţii, evoluţie şi suport empiric 1-gen-2009 Ungureanu, Paula
When the Practice of Theorizing Meets the Theorizing of Practice. Social Knowledge Making in Organization Science Academia and Managerial Communities 1-gen-2013 Ungureanu, Paula
Beyond Boundaries. Reconceptualizing Exchanges between Management Scholars and Practitioners 1-gen-2014 Ungureanu, P.
From Gaps to Tangles: A Relational Framework for the Theory-Practice Debate 1-gen-2015 Ungureanu, P.
Organizzare la collaborazione nei luoghi di innovazione: le dinamiche relazionali tra spazi fisici e virtuali 1-gen-2016 Bertolotti, Fabiola; Mattarelli, Elisa; Mizzau, Lorenzo; Montanari, Fabrizio; Scapolan, Anna Chiara; Ungureanu, Paula
Bridging the Rigor/Relevance Gap: a Study of Scholar-Practitioners’ Multiple Role Management 1-gen-2016 Carton, Guillaume; Ungureanu, Paula
Institutional Frames and Collaboration Expectations in Hybrid Interorganizational Partnerships 1-gen-2016 Ungureanu, Paula; Bellesia, Francesca; Bertolotti, Fabiola; Mattarelli, Elisa
Beyond boundaries. A relational study of knowledge exchanges between management scholars and business practitioners in executive classrooms 1-gen-2016 Ungureanu, Paula; Bertolotti, Fabiola
Interrelating Collaboration Practices and Identity Formation in Interorganizational Partnerships 1-gen-2017 Ungureanu, Paula; Bellesia, Francesca; Bertolotti, Fabiola; Mattarelli, Elisa
Can Different Professionals Talk and not Talk to Each Other at Once? Provisional Relations as Boundary Spanning Strategies between Management Academics and Practitioners 1-gen-2017 Ungureanu, Paula; Bertolotti, Fabiola
Well-Being or Well-Appearing? A Multi-case Analysis of Employees' Perceptions of Organizational Well-being Initiatives 1-gen-2017 Ungureanu, Paula; Bertolotti, Fabiola; Pilati, Massimo
The journey of great expectations: A study on how institutional expectations impact collaboration expectations and collaboration enactment in hybrid interorganizational partnerships 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, P; Bellesia, F; Bertolotti, F; Mattarelli, E.; Cochis, C.
Are academics and practitioners that different after all? An entanglement perspective for the theory-practice debate in management 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, P; Bertolotti, F
Organizational context, employer-employee shared intentionality, and well-being perceptions 1-gen-2018 Bertolotti, Fabiola; Ungureanu, Paula; Pilati, Massimo
Building and Breaching Boundaries at Once. An Exploration of How Management Academics and Practitioners Perform Boundary Work in Executive Classrooms 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, Paula; Bertolotti, Fabiola
How does organizational space help organizations cope with the challenges of ambidexterity and continue to innovate? A space reorganization experiment in a transitioning organization 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, Paula; Rietti, Deborah; Giustiniano, Luca
Innovating onsite or coordinating online? An exploration of how knowledge practices shape the onsite and online collaboration interplay across the lifecycle of collaborative communities 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, Paula; Cochis, Carlotta; Rodighiero, Stefano; Bertolotti, Fabiola; Mattarelli, Elisa; Montanari, Fabrizio; Rinaldini, Matteo; Scapolan, Anna Chiara
Brokers or Platforms? A Longitudinal Study of How Hybrid Interorganizational Partnerships for Regional Innovation Deal with VUCA Environments 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, Paula; Bertolotti, Fabiola; Macri', Diego Maria
From Broker to Platform Business Models: A Case Study of Best Practices for Business Model Innovation in Hybrid Interorganizational Partnerships 1-gen-2018 Ungureanu, Paula; Macri, Diego Maria
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