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Automated VMAT planning for postoperative adjuvant treatment of advanced gastric cancer 1-gen-2018 Sharfo, Abdul Wahab M.; Stieler, Florian; Kupfer, Oskar; Heijmen, Ben J. M.; Dirkx, Maarten L. P.; Breedveld, Sebastiaan; Wenz, Frederik; Lohr, Frank; Boda-Heggemann, Judit; Buergy, Daniel
Clinical outcome of hypofractionated breath-hold image-guided SABR of primary lung tumors and lung metastases 1-gen-2014 Boda-Heggemann, J; Frauenfeld, A; Weiss, C; Simeonova, A; Neumaier, C; Siebenlist, K; Attenberger, U; Heussel, Cp; Schneider, F; Wenz, F; Lohr, F
Comparing simultaneous integrated boost vs sequential boost in anal cancer patients: results of a retrospective observational study 1-gen-2018 Franco, Pierfrancesco; De Bari, Berardino; Arcadipane, Francesca; Lepinoy, Alexis; Ceccarelli, Manuela; Furfaro, Gabriella; Mistrangelo, Massimiliano; Cassoni, Paola; Valgiusti, Martina; Passardi, Alessandro; Casadei Gardini, Andrea; Trino, Elisabetta; Martini, Stefania; Iorio, Giuseppe Carlo; Evangelista, Andrea; Ricardi, Umberto; Créhange, Gilles
Critical appraisal of the role of volumetric modulated arc therapy in the radiation therapy management of breast cancer 1-gen-2017 Cozzi, Luca; Lohr, Frank; Fogliata, Antonella; Franceschini, Davide; De Rose, Fiorenza; Filippi, A R; Guidi, Gabriele; Vanoni, Valentina; Scorsetti, Marta
Development of a neuro-fuzzy technique for automated parameter optimization of inverse treatment planning 1-gen-2009 Stieler, F; Yan, H; Lohr, F; Wenz, F; Yin, Ff
Dose-escalated salvage radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy in high risk prostate cancer patients without hormone therapy: outcome, prognostic factors and late toxicity 1-gen-2013 Shelan, M; Abo-Madyan, Y; Welzel, G; Bolenz, C; Kosakowski, J; Behnam, N; Wenz, F; Lohr, F
A fast radiotherapy paradigm for anal cancer with volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) 1-gen-2009 Stieler, F; Wolff, D; Lohr, F; Steil, V; Abo-Madyan, Y; Lorenz, F; Wenz, F; Mai, S
Fully automated treatment planning of spinal metastases - A comparison to manual planning of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for conventionally fractionated irradiation 1-gen-2017 Buergy, Daniel; Sharfo, Abdul Wahab M.; Heijmen, Ben J. M.; Voet, Peter W. J.; Breedveld, Sebastiaan; Wenz, Frederik; Lohr, Frank; Stieler, Florian
Genital invasion or perigenital spread may pose a risk of marginal misses for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) in anal cancer 1-gen-2016 Koeck, J; Lohr, F; Buergy, D; Busing, K; Trunk, Mj; Wenz, F; Mai, S
Hypofractionated image-guided breath-hold SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) of liver metastases - clinical results 1-gen-2012 Boda-Heggemann, J; Dinter, D; Weiss, C; Frauenfeld, A; Siebenlist, K; Attenberger, U; Ottstadt, M; Schneider, F; Hofheinz, Rd; Wenz, F; Lohr, F
Intrafraction motion of the prostate during an IMRT session: a fiducial-based 3D measurement with Cone-beam CT 1-gen-2008 Boda-Heggemann, J; Kohler, Fm; Wertz, H; Ehmann, M; Hermann, B; Riesenacker, N; Kupper, B; Lohr, F; Wenz, F
On the performances of different IMRT treatment planning systems for selected paediatric cases 1-gen-2007 Fogliata, A; Nicolini, G; Alber, M; Asell, M; Clivio, A; Dobler, B; Larsson, M; Lohr, F; Lorenz, F; Muzik, J; Polednik, M; Vanetti, E; Wolff, D; Wyttenbach, R; Cozzi, L
Optimization of extracranial stereotactic radiation therapy of small lung lesions using accurate dose calculation algorithms 1-gen-2006 Dobler, B; Walter, C; Knopf, A; Fabri, D; Loeschel, R; Polednik, M; Schneider, F; Wenz, F; Lohr, F
Overall survival after reirradiation of spinal metastases - independent validation of predictive models 1-gen-2016 Buergy, D; Siedlitzki, L; Boda-Heggemann, J; Wenz, F; Lohr, F
Postoperative elective pelvic nodal irradiation compared to prostate bed irradiation in locally advanced prostate cancer - A retrospective analysis of dose-escalated patients 1-gen-2019 Link, C.; Honeck, P.; Makabe, A.; Giordano, F. A.; Bolenz, C.; Schaefer, J.; Bohrer, M.; Lohr, F.; Wenz, F.; Buergy, D.
Radiotherapy for tumors of the stomach and gastroesophageal junction - a review of its role in multimodal therapy 1-gen-2012 Buergy, D; Lohr, F; Baack, T; Siebenlist, K; Haneder, S; Michaely, H; Wenz, F; Boda-Heggemann, J
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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