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Axial ligation and polypeptide matrix effects on the reduction potential of heme proteins probed on their cyanide adducts 1-gen-2005 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Bellei, Marzia; Borsari, Marco; DI ROCCO, Giulia; Ranieri, Antonio; Sola, Marco
Binding of S. cerevisiae iso‑1 cytochrome c and its surface lysine‑to‑alanine variants to cardiolipin: charge effects and the role of the lipid to protein ratio 1-gen-2020 Paradisi, Alessandro; Bellei, Marzia; Paltrinieri, Licia; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto; Di Rocco, Giulia; Ranieri, Antonio; Borsari, Marco; Sola, Marco; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio
Chlorite to chloride and O2 conversion: new lessons from structural and mechanistic investigations of chlorite dismutase 1-gen-2014 C., Obinger; S., Hofbauer; I., Schaffner; K. F., Pirker; G., Mlynek; K., Djinovic Carugo; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; P. G., Furtmuller
Cloning, expression and physico-chemical characterization of a di-heme cytochrome c4 from the psychrophilic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC 125 1-gen-2008 DI ROCCO, Giulia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; DE RIENZO, Francesca; Ranieri, Antonio; M. L., Tutino; Sola, Marco
Cloning, Expression and Physico-Chemical Characterization of a New Di-Heme Cytochrome c from Shewanella baltica OS155. 1-gen-2011 DI ROCCO, Giulia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto; Borsari, Marco; Ferrari, Erika; Monari, Stefano; Sola, Marco
Computational evidence support the hypothesis of neuroglobin also acting as an electron transfer species 1-gen-2017 Paltrinieri, Licia; DI ROCCO, Giulia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; Sola, Marco; Ranieri, Antonio; Zanetti Polzi, Laura; Daidone, Isabella; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto
Effects of nonspecific ion-protein interactions on the redox chemistry of cytochrome c 1-gen-1999 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Loschi, Lodovica; Borsari, Marco; Sola, Marco
Enthalpy/entropy compensation phenomena in the reduction thermodynamics of electron transport metalloproteins 1-gen-2004 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; DI ROCCO, Giulia; Ranieri, Antonio; Sola, Marco
Experimental evidence for the role of buried polar groups in determining the reduction potential of metalloproteins: the S79P variant of Chromatium vinosum HiPIP 1-gen-1999 Babini, E; Borsari, Marco; Capozzi, F; Eltis, Ld; Luchinat, C.
Exploiting immobilized engineered cytochrome c in bioelectronic sensing devices 1-gen-2007 Sola, Marco; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; Ranieri, Antonio; Casalini, Stefano
Immobilized cytochrome c bound to cardiolipin exhibits peculiar oxidation state-dependent axial heme ligation and catalytically reduces dioxygen 1-gen-2015 Ranieri, Antonio; Millo, D.; Di Rocco, Giulia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto; Borsari, Marco; Sola, Marco
Impact of heme to protein linkages in peroxidases on redox chemistry and catalysis 1-gen-2007 C., Obinger; J., Vlasits; Bellei, Marzia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; P. G., Furtmüller
Influence of the dynamic interplay between protein and solvent on the redox properties of blue copper proteins 1-gen-2014 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Paltrinieri, Licia; Borsari, Marco; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto; Sola, Marco; C., Dennison; Corni, Stefano
Mechanistic studies on a new functional dimeric chlorite dismutase 1-gen-2014 I., Schaffner; N., Flego; G., Mlynek; Bellei, Marzia; S., Hofbauer; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; K., Djinovic Carugo; G., Smulevich; P. G., Furtmuller; C., Obinger
Modulation of Bacillus pasteurii cytochrome c(553) reduction potential by structural and solution parameters 1-gen-1998 Benini, S; Borsari, Marco; Ciurli, S; Dikiy, A; Lamborghini, M.
New highly stable chlorinating bacterial peroxidase with autocatalytically formed covalent heme to protein bonds 1-gen-2014 P. G., Furtmuller; M., Auer; C., Gruber; K., Pirker; D., Krioss; S., Hofbauer; M., Soudi; C., Obinger; M., Zamocky; Bellei, Marzia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio
Protein stability and mutations in the axial methionine loop of a minimal cytochrome c 1-gen-2004 I., Bartalesi; I., Bertini; DI ROCCO, Giulia; Ranieri, Antonio; A., Rosato; M., Vanarotti; P. R., Vasos; M. S., Viezzoli
Redox properties of the Fe3+/Fe2+ couple in Arthromyces ramosus class II peroxidase and its cyanide adduct 1-gen-2006 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Bellei, Marzia; DE RIENZO, Francesca; Sola, Marco
Redox reactivity of the heme Fe3+/Fe2+ couple in native myoglobins and mutants with peroxidase-like activity 1-gen-2007 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Bellei, Marzia; L., Casella; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto; E., Monzani; R., Roncone; Sola, Marco
Redox thermodynamics of low-potential iron-sulfur proteins 1-gen-2000 Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; M., D'Onofrio; Borsari, Marco; Al, Macedo; Sola, Marco; Jjg, Moura; P., Rodrigues
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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